Monday, September 8, 2008

Just call me the social butterfly

Staying home with this little gal has made me realize what a social person I am. I mean, I really miss talking to people (that talk back) throughout the day! When my husband comes home, I pounce on him for adult conversation. People keep asking me if I'm dreading coming back to work in October, and I'm actually not. I mean, leaving Ali will be the worst thing ever, and I struggle with having her precious daily hours spent elsewhere, but it will be nice to have the routine of work back. I really like teaching, and I really like the people I teach with. One of my closest friends teaches right next to me, and we really miss seeing each other every day! I'm also sick of being in the house- and I'm too poor to really go anywhere. Ali and I go for long walks everyday, and then I come home and find things to clean. I must be a busy body because I just can't sit still! I guess having the routine of work everyday breaks it up a little more for me. I hope I'm not a bad mother for feeling this way- it isn't about getting away from my child at all: I wish there was some way to bring her with me every day- I guess I'm realizing how important my adult life is to me.... Perhaps I will ask my principal if he minds that I teach with Ali strapped in the front pack? :)


Andréa said...

How funny, and no, we don't think you are a bad mother :D I have to say, now that i am back in the routine of work, I think B is happier and I am happier. I feel like I get a breather. Although, this isn't permanent, and I should be back home by Nov, but I do know what you mean :D

Alexa said...

I am and was the SAME WAY. TOTALLY. I miss Blair like crazy. I wish I had him here with me at work all the time. I need to work though, I must have that adult interaction. It is better for him! If I were to be a stay at home mom, I would really have to make an effort to connect with other stay at home moms.

Thanks for the well wished about the storm....we are keeping our fingers crossed that we won't have to evacuate with a 5.5 month old!!

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