Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The picture above is what I am using as a focal point to keep myself from freezing to death. You know what the fore casted HIGH temperature is today where I live? 15 DEGREES!!! Seriously, 15 degrees! That is only 12 degrees higher then my FREEZER! It's achingly cold. Horrifically cold. Like going to your car after school hurts your fingers down to their bones- and the only thing that can warm them up is running them under hot water when you get home. It's bad; so bad, that I need to buy a bag of chips for my Christmas party tomorrow, and I'm seriously debating getting out of my car one more time then I have to at the grocery store. Maybe I can order them online and have them Fed-Exed? :-)

And other then being cold, I am finding myself exhausted. That's the only word I can think of to explain my current mood. Like all I want to do is sleep. I think it's mentally and physically. I love my husband, and I love being married to a coach. But having him travel for 4 day weekends, 2 weekends in a row, makes me sad. It is hard to be a single, full-time working mom- I salute you people! ..and of course I need to remember that I am 4 1/2 months pregnant... and I need to take care of my body not just for me, but for our little bambino growing in my tummy. So only 2.5 days until Friday, and I am going to pick up my baby from daycare, go home, do something easy and fun like bake some cookies- veg out and watch some Christmas movies... and go to bed at 7:15 when I put Miss Ali down. Rest and relaxation- man that sounds sooo lovely!

... So for today, I will just change my desktop background to this:

...and wish I was laying right there! Stay Warm, bloggy friends!


Anonymous said...

I just now feel I am getting my energy back... That 1st trimester leaves you feeling exhausted!

I'm not even going to gloat about the weather here in Austin. ;) I would love to trade just one snow day with you though!!

Sweetbabs said...

I know what you mean. Last night and today gave us here in Wisconsin a total of 17 inches of snow and sub-zero temps are coming are way tomorrow. Stay warm and get some rest!!

Lindsay said...

Oh now that looks so nice....sometime I wish I lived where it was 70 year 'round!

It's only 30 here, but apparently 10 or something crazy with the wind chill! I, on the other hand have not stepped outside today. It has been cold in here though, but I warmed myself up with the glue gun when I burned my fingers while I was working on an order!! :)
Dear Friday, Hurry up and get here so my friend can get some sleep! :)

Anonymous said...

It is seriously freezing these days.
I remember that pregnancy exhaustion. Hope you get that rest you need.
Post some pics of your cookie making session!

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