Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Post of Pics

I buckled down and uploaded the most recent pictures from the camera... so I decided to do a random post of them to fill ya'll in on the happenings at our house:

Here is a picture of me from yesterday- 19 weeks along. I cannot believe how big my belly is getting, and so quickly! YIKES! But I love the sweater dress! It is super comfy and stylish... Sorry for the bad angle- I had to use the self-timer :)
... and see Jack, our dog, in the background? He is going to live with my mother-in-law.hopefully some time this week ( I will post about THAT tomorrow)

My mom (i.e. Nana) bought this little table for Ali over the weekend. She insisted that Ali have her own craft/drawing/eating area... and she was right! Ali loves it! She sits there all the time, and loves to man-handle move it all over the house. And see her baby sitting on the table? That was my "baby Lauren" when I was growing up; Ali LOVES it- baby has taken the place of Elmo... warms Momma's heart!

I just love this pic of Ali's piggie tales- we call her shrek baby :) Her teacher at daycare did her hair pretty on Friday- so cute! And the reason Ali is not paying attention to the camera? Because she is watching Elmo videos on the computer- KK got her turned onto that- nice job dad- she now begs and throws fits for them!

Farmer Ali- notice the rain boots tucked under her overalls- a friend gave us the boots and Ali will not take them off- I have to hide them because they fall off easily... And she loves to wear her winter hat too!

Our dorky, yet childproof, Christmas tree. As you can see, Ali wants to touch it sooo bad- she thinks the round ornaments are balls that she must get her hands on and throw.

Here she is running away when I asked her if she was trying to touch the Christmas tree-
lil stinker!

This last picture is of Guy Michele (pronounced GEE) holding his favorite fan- Ali! Guy is a 7"1' player on the team that KK coaches. He is such a sweetheart- he is from Monaco and hardly speaks any English, but he loooooves him some Ali! And she loves him too! So cute to see that big guy holding our girl :)


FROGGITY! said...

you look darling!!! it 'pops' faster the second go round, no? nothing wrong with that!

i need one of those sweater dresses, super cute.

ali looks more grown up in these pics today!

thelumberjackswife said...

I want a sweater dress! I am not sure if I can pull if off . . .
Loved this post-nice to see all those pictures!
My girls LOVED baby dolls and still do. And I love that about them!

Lindsay said...

How cute are you in your dress!! And Ali is such a beauty! And we're getting a table and chairs from Santa...I know Tootsie will love it too! They just look so darn cute sitting at their own little table!

Girl from Pennsylvania said...

You look so darn cute! Pregnant woman always look cute no matter how they feel!

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