Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm never fully understand men (i.e the one I'm married to)

So I went upstairs during my plan period to say HI to my husband earlier today. I was telling him the things I am going to get done over Winter Break while Ali is at daycare. Here is the list I gave him:

  1. Clean out the guest bedroom and get it ready to be re-carpeted and converted into Ali's new room.
  2. Move and organize everything in the basement so we can turn an area of it into Ali's playroom
  3. Clean out the oven

The ONLY one of those 3 itty bitty items I asked him for help with was moving the bed that is in the guest room down to the basement after we dismantle it. I am excited to get these things done and feel a sense of accomplishment on some items that have been nagging at me for a couple months now.

And this is how he responds: I don't want you to make a list of all these things you want to get done over break, just so you can get pissed off when they don't get done. We need to relax over break, that is what it is for. First of all- I have 3 THINGS I want to do! And they are not hard nor monumental items! I did not say- let's re-tile the bathroom or something for pete's sake! And this also gets my goat- why is it rude or jerkish of me to ask his help in moving some furniture (he was huffy about me saying "you can help me with that, right?"). Seriously, that man. Of course, me being prego and totally emotional, this totally hurt my feelings. I told him the 4th thing on my list was going on a date, but I didn't want to have too many things on the list... and then I got up and left. I do not get it. At all.


FROGGITY! said...

gurrrrl. it's okay. just take a deep breath! i gave up long ago... my hubby doesn't say right out that he's not going to do something (so at least yours was realistic... mine would be all well meaning and then it would fall through... haha). our kitchen is STILL not done and we've been here for 2 1/2 years...

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you guys worked together! Fun stuff! :)

I finally asked my main man how he would like me to approach him with things that need to be done. He doesn't want me to ask him a bunch, but just post a list on the fridge and he will get to it when he can.

Maybe just ask him what the best way to ask for his help would be?

Men! Weirdos.

Lindsay said...

One day I was on an elevator with a lady and she was trying to whisper fight with the person on the other end of the phone. When we got off she hung up and looked at me and said...MEN, we're all married to the same one right?? I had to laugh.I know girly sometime I find that I just do things myself and save my breath. Because either he doesn't listen or he gets moody because I want to do "so much" on his days off....he wants to relax, because I just "JUST" stay at home all day. You know watching a 20 month old is nothing! But sometimes he helps without a word. I think they are bipolar!OH and if I was there I would help you :)
May I have your address one more time ma'am?!

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Gemini said...

There are times when I feel sadness I am no longer married. Times when I want to come home to someone, have them cook for me when I am sick, and times when I could sure use a hand with blue eyes...and then...there are times like these. That I LOVE being single. Thank you for putting the bounce back in my step!
Now...give me KK's # and let me tell him just how CRAZY he is for not helping you move a bed. GEESH!

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