Wednesday, April 7, 2010

35 1/2 week check-up

I had my last "every 2 week" appointment today. My doctor put me on modified bed rest... meaning that I have to be home from work every day by 3, with my feet up, for as much as the afternoon as I can muster. I told her today that I was OK with that, as I want the next 4 weeks to be happy weeks, as opposed to miserable and uncomfortable (perhaps I am doin a little wishful thinking?). The reason being that I am carrying baby sooo low- putting a lot of pressure on my girlie parts and pelvis. We want to keep her in as long as possible...So this means no more coaching softball... which I am having mixed emotions about. I am sad to not be able to finish something out, as I really do enjoy being around the girls, and oddly enough, I feel like I am quitting on them. But I am also thankful and relieved: coming home at 5:30 every evening after being gone since 6:30 that morning is hard on this mom and wife. My husband, as helpful as he is trying to be, does not always pick up on the little chores that accumulate during the day.. it will be so much nicer to pack lunches, do a lite housecleaning, get Ali ready for tomorrow... all in spurts, instead of trying to smash it all into the couple hours I usually have in the evening.
My husband is also going to pay someone to clean our house every other week for the last month of the pregnancy, and this, I am relieved about. I am actually kind of excited- I have never afforded myself this luxury before! I usually enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after I am finished cleaning our house, but I will lend that to someone else during these last few weeks of my pregnancy :)
Next week we start my weekly appointments. So on Tuesday the doc will give me a pelvic examination... and we can get a better idea of when labor should come! Can't believe we are almost there! Yikes!


Stacey said...

You look so cute and I so feel your pain w/carrying a baby low. My first one was like that and caused way more sciatica than I've had with this one.
That's so GREAT that your hubby is hiring someone to clean your house! I've always dreamed of having that! ;)

FROGGITY! said...

well, you look just great! and i am happy for you that you've made it to the home stretch... and that you have someone to clean that home! :) such a good gift, a maid. someone give my hubby that message... haha.

best of wishes and many blessings! i hope these weeks are as pleasant as can be.

Lindsay said...

You look GREAT! And rock on, someone cleaning your house...AWESOME! So glad that you are able to get home and rest a little. I cannot believe it is almost time!!! xoxo

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