Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The first day of School- and 4 month check up

So yesterday was the first day of school, and my first official day back as a teacher with 2 young children at home.  Needless to say, the before-school routine and first day of went over without a hitch.
....and here's where I become an idiot.  So the 1st day was over, and I'm sitting in my friend's classroom, feeling like an awesome teacher because we are going to create this great teaching unit for The Secret Life of Bees.  So we get all that stuff figured out, get our game plan... and I walk out the door at 3:32 to pick up my sweet girlies. And then I suddenly remember that I am a genius and have Avery's 4 month check-up scheduled for today, the 1st day of me officially returning to work, at 3:50. So I panic, drive like a maniac across town to get them, and call the doctor's office. They tell me that I have until 3:59 until they will drop our appointment, and to reschedule would be 3 weeks out. I don't want to wait three weeks to bring these girls to the doctor, especially considering that we go every 2 months anyway... so I call the daycare in a panic, inform them that I am an idiot, and ask to please have the girls ready to go for me to swoop them up.
So my daycare is awesome, and the girls are ready and waiting for me to frantically strap them in the car and try to not drive too fast across the other side of town to the doctor's office.
Needless to say, we made it with 2 minutes to spare... with me telling Ali to hurry! hurry! run ! run! across the parking lot, whilst holding a screaming 4 month old who was woken up from a nap to be slammed into her car seat and is none too happy about it.  Oh yeah, and I was dropping all of our belongings all over the waiting room, whilst sternly telling my 2 year old to get out of the rocker boat and come into to the doctor's office... all the while explaining to the nurse that I look like a crazy parent right now, but I'm not really one! ha! I fooled her!

But anyway, my doctor got a good laugh out of it and I'm happy to say that Avery is happy, healthy, huge, and all vaccinated for another 2 months of her sweet little life.
At 4 months Avery:  weighs 16lbs 2.5 oz (95th percentile) and is 26 inches long (97th percentile). I have no idea where these big babies come from!  But I do love me some healthy children :)


Alexa said...

Avery is so BEAUTIFUL! Look how big she is already!! It goes so fast doesn't it? I am REALLY going to have to focus on soaking it all in....

Happy first days back to school! Man I loved going school supply shopping. I'm gonna be one of those mothers that is rejoicing and singing and such when we have to buy school supplies.

Lindsay said...

Hahahah, you make me laugh! Happy 1st day back!! :)


FROGGITY! said...

she's just gorgeous. i must say i LOVE big babies! my baby is 3 mos and probably 15 lbs by now... (geez. it happened so fast!) does avery need a slightly younger boyfriend? haha, kidding. :)

hope all is going well with school!

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