Thursday, June 7, 2007

The ever -changing hair

I got my haircut today!

I feel like my hair changes month to month, mostly because it grows dang fast...It grew 4 inches in 3 months! At the beginning of the school year, my hair was long from getting married August 26th. (see profile pic) Then, I cut it short and had it razored, with some sweeping bangs added.

That experience taught me I am NOT a bang person. I wore those suckers pinned back via bobby pin until about 2 weeks ago, when they finally grew back long enough to tuck behind my ears.

This time, I just got about 1.5 inches cut off, and had my wondeeful hairdresser ( I love her) flip it under, to see what it would look like. With this style, I can curl it under, or flip it out, and I can still have the cute, fun, short hair due... but still squeeze most of the hair into a pony tail, and use one of those elastice head band thingys to keep the whispies out of my face for the summer time.
I forgot to mention that I have naturally curly hair, so I also have the option to put some gel in it wet and leave it crazy curly( I'll add a pic later). I also tried wearing my bangs back like this, but now that I look at it... is my face too round to pull it off?


Ann said...

Hair is so fun! I never feel bad experimenting with my hair because it always grows back! :)

You can definitely pull off the bangs back do, but I like it better with them down. :)

Marriage-101 said...

The last pic makes you look very young and the middle one looks more mature. I guess it depends what look you're going for. I like the first one best, but it's nice that you have so much flexibility with it so every day can be something new!

Anonymous said...

I love love love your hair. You have perfect blonde hair. Why must you flaunt it so? Jealous!!!

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