Monday, June 11, 2007

Here's the details

So, like I posted Friday, we SOLD our house! It has been quite the process: we had a real estate agent who we listed with last year, she was one of our friends, but could not get the job done. So we took it off the market 3 weeks before our wedding in August, and got a home equity line of credit to do some repairs. We ended up painting every wall, replacing every floor, painted the exterior, adding a deck with stairs (who builds a deck with no stairs?)
and also installed A/C.
After doing all of that we re-listed with the same person as before on March 8th, 2007. And, Nothing. No showings, no interest, no offers! And we had to make the hard decision to drop our friend and go with a guy my husband's real estate buddy suggested. And 5 days later, WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!

So now we are going to make an offer on a new house, which I will take pictures of later, and post. The new house is still in the same housing development we live in currently, but it in the 15th addition, which is the newest addition. It won't be finished until the middle of July but, It is a super cute, Kris and Kelli can build our lives together home. I'm really excited! But also not enjoying the paperwork process of applying for a loan, making offers, signing offers, etc. Not my cup o tea. That's why I'm not in business, just education.

And also, our house closes June 29th, and the new house closes August 1st. What will we do for one month why we overlap, you ask? We are going to, dum, dum, dum, live with Kris's mother. In her basement. Now really, it could be worse. And although my mother-in-law certainly is great compared to some horror stories I've heard, it is still weird to think of sleeping in a bed, with your husband, in the middle of your mother-in-law's basement. Not to mention that the carpet down there is Celtic Green. My biggest fear is that her non-existent house keeping will drive me nuts ( I am a clean freak). But, the bright side is I'm working 40 hours a week, and it will provide some funny and interesting future posts!


Marriage-101 said...

The things you will do for your blog readers! :)

cougchick said...

Wow! Good job on the sale but now you're moving into the scaring "unknown". Yikes! Have fun with the new house details!

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