Friday, June 29, 2007

All Moved Out

We're officially homeless. Our house closed this morning, the money's in the bank, and we are living in my mother-in-law's basement. Which, by the way, might be the worst and craziest thing I've ever experienced. At least I have my husband, so we can remind one another that we are not in this alone. It's only been 3 days, and I'm close to losing sanity. I will post pictures to show you the make-shift living arrangements, and that will explain the whole scenario to you lucky people who only have your imaginations to paint the picture of the situation we have blindly thrown ourselves into.

This woman has gone bonkers. She needs friends, lots of them. Charity work, volunteering, part-time position. Something. She has no life, and it shows. And apparently she isn't much for housework either. I will spare all the details, but just a taste: I was watching TV on the couch the other night, it was around 10:45. I was up late (for me) because the next day would be full of moving and cleaning excitement, so I was trying to gear up, or down, for that. Ok, so it's 10:45, and I hear some not so light footsteps come down the stairs. To spy. I'm wondering if this happens every night, and I'm just asleep and miss it. So I get up, turn around, and my dear mother-in-law is standing behind me, and she says "honey, you need to go to bed". Oh really!? You are going to tell me what to do now? Like I am not capable of judging my own sleeping needs? Incredible. So, being the nice sweet daughter in law that I am, I say: " That is precisely what I am doing." (and it was sarcastic, just to be clear) . And I shut off the TV, walk past the moo-moo and crazy hair, and throw myself into bed, with my husband, who is blissfully asleep in his penguin boxers and missed the whole thing.

Don't worry, we only have 32 days left.


Andria and Co. said...

You might have the script for your own sitcom out of this experience!

Ann said...

AAHH!!!! :)

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