Friday, June 22, 2007

down with tri-athletes

This is the first time in a long time I'm not looking forward to enjoying my weekend. The Iron man Triathlon is here this weekend. And for us normal people who LIVE HERE, it is such a pain. We have to be involved in traffic jams, from the 40,000 some people that the event drags to town (hello, aren't these people supposed to be running/swimming/biking?) We also have to be involved in finding alternate routes if we want to travel anywhere, because the damn bike route takes up a million miles of normal road. Which in turn compounds the traffic jam problem. Cramping my style big time.
So the plan should be to head up to the family cabin up in the boondocks, where people are normal and do not have to put themselves through that physical and mental pain to feel like a champion. But no oh oh, instead my small family will be packing up our meager belongings, and I will also heading to 2 baby showers, in between being pissed off about my town o' events.
Now, I am strangely happy to attend the baby showers. Which is weird because it if weren't for the baby showers, we would say 'piss off' to the packing, and head up to the cabin. I think it subconsciously is because that means I don't have to pack during that time, which is a weird cycle of thought, if you think about it.
So, here is what I need to buy tonight after work to prepare:
1. Baby gift for Willow and baby Alexis
2. Baby gift for Jennifer and baby Danielle
3. Anniversary gift for Mom and Dad: 29 YEARS! can you believe it?
Awesome. I love making lists. Having it typed out, staring at me, makes all the things in my head minimal, and makes my life easier!!
Enjoy your marathon- athlete -free weekend!


Ann said...

lists are the best!! and this weekend I am SOOOOOO glad that I live in Spirit Lake!! :)

Kerry said...

I love lists too. My hubs makes fun of me but let's see him try and run our household without having them!! ha

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