Sunday, September 23, 2007

Season Premiere Week!

It is pathetic that the most exciting part of my upcoming week is that all the TV shows I watch are premiering. I mean, I'm in a serious dilemma about how to handle having The Office and Grey's Anatomy on the same night, at the same time. We used to have a Tivo but canceled it because of under use, and I'm now regretting that decision.
My carefully-thought-out solution is to watch Grey's on Thursday night, and watch The Office the following day on the Internet. It is the only logical solution that I can see- other than going to Goodwill and buying a VCR to record it the old fashioned way on the TV in the basement.
Wow. I never imagined my critical thinking skills could come in so handy.

In fact, what am I doing still on the Internet? I'm going to look through the TV guide that came in Sunday's paper AHORA MISMO and write down my shows and days/times they premiere. I'm packing it in tight this year, because I'm going to try out some of the shows ABC is launching. I'll let you know how my week goes! I'M SO EXCITED!


Kerry said...

Me too! I have never been a tv person but since having kids I've come to have my favorite shows. I went through my tv guide tonight and highlighted all the ones to set up on TIVO. heehee

Marriage-101 said...

Oooh! You'll have to review them for me. I don't get to watch much TV. My fave sitcom is Two and a Half Men, but I've honestly never seen Grey's Anatomy and watched only one The Office episode.

Ann said...

I AM SO EXCITED TOO!!! I really want to see that show Pushing Daisies...I think it looks so good. AND I AM ADDICTED to my DVR. It has been so great for me to be able to record shows and watch them whenever I want!! Oherwise I would never be able to watch what I want what with the kids' cartoons and Jim's sports!! :) We LOVE heroes...and the OFFICE!!!

oh, also! we are actually going out this friday for my little bro's birthday! the kids are staying the night at my moms. we are going to go to crickets and ironhorse if you are interested in joining us at all!

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