Monday, September 10, 2007

Whoa Britney! and some other stuff

I know I'm not the only one who thinks this, but Britney Spears really needs to be done with the singing career. Seriously.
So anyways... this week is going to be awesome! Myself and my dear friend Lynne are going to see Keith Urban on Thursday in his current tour, Love, something, something, and the whole crazy something ( I know I butchered the name of the tour, but I'm too lazy to look it up) . I'm really excited because I love him, his music, and he is cute. I'm also excited because The Wreckers are opening for him, and I love them too! (even though I only know like 2 songs and am too cheap to buy the CD- I'll pretend to sing along with all the other songs)
But the real super fun will come Friday, when I drive 96 miles south to Moscow for my sorority's 10 year anniversary of being on the University of Idaho campus- yeah for Kappa Delta! Needless to say, I've been waiting for this weekend since June. All my sorority sisters are going to be there...without husbands! That means crazy drinking followed by dancing at the clubs, which never happens when the men come along.
I'm also excited to watch WSU beat the crap out of the Vandals at the football game. Yes, I know, I should be more optomistic about my beloved U of I Vandals, but really, WSU is a much better team, so let's live in reality. I love football, but I also love to tailgate, super fun times. And I'm planning on doing both!
This weekend will be a good time for me to unwind, see my friends, and remember that I am still only 25, and that isn't very old. I forgot about that sometimes, in that I am perceived as old because of my profession (teacher) and that I am surrounded by older people in almost every situation (my husband is 7 years my senior, so that makes for almost all older friends).
It will not, however, be a good weekend to stick to the new diet plan I just joined at school/work.
I'm really excited about this diet plan, Commit2fit, because it is not very hard- it is simply healthy living. The plan encourages whole grains and no processed foods- low caffiene and sodium, and no white flour or sugar I don't feel like I am restricted from eating anything that I normally shove in my face, just picking smarter choices when I do it. It also encourages eating every 2 hours, which cannot be bad no matter how you look at it. The plan also teaches 8 healthy living habits over 8 weeks. This week's habit: drink around 1 gallon of water each day. I LOVE water- I love to drink it and buy fancy water bottles to drink it from, HOWEVER, I teach in a portable that does not have a bathroom. Therefore the closest pottie is about a 5-7 minute trip when it's all said and done, with me running from my portable to the building and back. So this should be interesting, to say the least. I'll keep you posted.


Marriage-101 said...

Oh you will love the Keith Urban concert. I saw it a couple of months ago (Love, Pain, and the Whole Crazy Thing tour). :)

cougchick said...

hey maybe I'll see you at the concert. I'll be in the Kalispel club row A. Look for the obnoxious girl dancing around. Woohoo!
Have fun in the Palouse and Go Cougs! sorry...

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