Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cold Season Blows (Literally)

In my conquest to keep my last post upbeat- considering I had experienced the most amazing thing EVER- I chose not to mention the fact that I have been coming down with a cold for the past week. This weekend, the cold hit me full force and I am now a complete slave to its ugly mercy. Here's an explanation of my symptoms:
  • Sinuses clogged, but don't hurt
  • Nose is super dry, not runny
  • Flem in throat
  • Dry cough that sounds fake once every minute
  • Grunting in my sleep (according to KK, who is now sleeping in the guest room, poor guy)

Now, let me explain that I hardly ever get sick. Seriously, the last time I took a day off work was when I was vomiting down the street trying to drive there. And this isn't because I'm a warrior; it's because I have a good immune system and manage to stay healthy year round. I also pride myself in good hand-washing and antibacterial practices, both personally and at my home and in my classroom. I also have taken a daily vitamin every day and eat plenty of good fruits and veggies.

So having a cold TWICE this winter is annoying and surprising to me. The first cold I got was when I now know I was conceiving the child (*that word makes me smile) , and that cold wasn't bad because it did not include a stuffed nose at nighttime when I'm trying to sleep, and it did not have this annoying cough as a side kick.

Basically, I am fed up and ready for it to go away. I want to sleep at night, as well as have my hubby back to rub feets with when I'm feeling yucky. Please tell me, what are some good remedies you know that do not include taking medicine?


Rachel said...

best i can tell you is to get some hot water and some lemon juice, bring em to a boil and out it near you. i can't really take meds either for a cold, so i do this all the time on the wood stove in my house. the steam will help moisturize everything so you don't feel so dried out, and the lemon will freshen you up!

hang in there! hope you feel better soon!!


Ann said...

when the kids have horrible colds we always use a humidifier and put vapor rub all over their backs and chests. oh, also, the vapor rub plug-in things are AWESOME. they fill the whole room with vapors to help your breathe better at night.

hope you feel better soon!

Andrea said...

I seriously hate colds. I have had one for about a month now. UGH! Nothing really helps (I hate to tell you) but it has gotten a little better.

Kelli said...

I tried the Vicks vapo rub: it worked for about 3 minutes and then just made my skin cold and gave me the shivers.

GRRR- go away cold!

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