Sunday, January 6, 2008


Here I am, beginning WEEK 7 of pregnancy, and I already have some frustrations. Frustrations sounds unhappy, which I am not. I am just, well, responding to the changes of my first baby. :)
First of all, NOTHING tastes good! It's like my taste buds have stopped working, and no matter what I eat, I am never satisfied. Believe me, I am hungry (still not nauseous, thank God), but everything I eat is just, blah. I have even stopped drinking my morning cup of coffee, and I don't even miss it!
Secondly, I have never, ever been so lazy in my life! Seriously, I have spent my winter vacation watching more TV then I have ever consumed in my life. Usually my breaks from school are spent reorganizing, painting, cleaning like mad, etc. But not this time! I'm sleeping about 9 hours a night, minus pee breaks and periods of insomnia. The minute I wake up I head to the couch, and then spend countless hours lying there, feeling like a slob. ANNOYING! I know my body is working super hard to create my perfect little angel-baby, but I just want to be me again! (I think the hubster is starting to wonder who this new person is that looks like his wife, but is way too boring to be the real deal).
I'm also constantly worried about my weight. I've always felt a little chubby, and now I am so worried I am going to turn into a fat monster, get yelled at by my doctor, and never be the same me again! It's not like I'm over-eating (remember, nothing tastes good), but not doing anything is really making me feel lazy and bloated. I wish there wasn't a billion inches of snow everywhere to keep me from walking- I love walking and I think it would help with the fatigue... Perhaps I will have to get over myself, strap on my boots, and take winter walks. I cannot begin to force myself down the stairs to get on the elliptical trainer. NO WAY JOSE

I would not give this pregnancy up for anything in the world, however, I would like a smidgen of energy, especially considering that tomorrow school starts up again!


Kerry said...

You'll probably feel more tired before you get your energy back! But once you hit your 2nd trimester you'll feel a lot better. Hang in there...enjoy the different stages...tired and all! :P

kristi said...

First of all, I'm so excited for you!! I haven't visited your blog in a little while and was really suprised to see you are finally preggers!! All I can say for the way you are feeling is enjoy the fact that you can be lazy and rest and let your body grow this baby. I'm on my 3rd pregnancy and wish so so bad I could lay on the couch! :) I was just thinking today about my first and how I could take naps whenever I wanted and even with the 2nd I could(they are 10 years apart). Now I have a 15 month old to chase around and I just want to sleep!! Congratulations to you! Enjoy every moment of it!

Ann said...

That's what I was just thinking, kristi...with my first I was able to just take tons of naps and it was soooo hard to do anything, and then I got pregnant again and I wanted to just lay around and do nothing and couldn't!!!

but, words of encouragement, seiously the instant you start your 2nd trimester it is like night and day! completely different, plus, once you are off of vacation (which, you probably already are) that will help to have to go back to work so that you are forced to get up off the couch

love u!

cougchick said...

It'll get better. The first trimester is a tough one.

Rachel said...

it will get better for you girl! hang in there!!! <3

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