Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love v. Hate

I felt compelled to make a list of loves/hates that I'm feeling at the current moment so here goes:

Love: That my baby and I are starting to interact so much and have bonding time
Hate: That at this time in 2 weeks, I will be in my 2nd day back at work and my sweet girl will be spending the day with someone other than me

Love: That being a teacher allows my husband and I to be home in the afternoons so being away from baby won't be so bad
Hate: That the teacher's salary sucks: we have $40.56 in our bank account as of today, and we don't get paid until Oct. 25th (also hate we only get paid once a month)

Love: That I got a massage yesterday and had a gift certificate so it was free
Hate: That the dude that gave me the massage did not focus on my back like I asked, and I still have this burning pain underneath my left shoulder-blade

Love: That I baked cookies today
Hate: We only had whole-wheat flour so they taste kinda funky

Love: Having a long-term substitute that likes her job and is teaching my lesson plans
Hate: That my substitute is so old she can't use a friggin computer, and I am using my maternity leave grading papers and entering them into the grade book

Love: That I have lost almost all my maternity weight and can wear my old clothes
Hate: That I now have an even more flabbier belly then before, and it is now too cold to take the baby for a walk so exercise might be outta the question

Love: My new hair color!
Hate: I never have time to straighten it, so it is being wasted in a fussy bun

I could go on and on really... but who likes a downer?

1 comment:

HM said...

So it's all pretty 50/50. Your little girl is adorable!

Just came across your blog and wanted to pop in and say hello. HELLO!


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