Sunday, October 5, 2008

We survived!

Our first night out without our little gal was not a success. Don't get me wrong, we had fun and Ali was safe and sound at Gram and Gramps' place... However, my husband, on the other hand, was a sh*t show.
To start the night out, we went to a local bar with our friends who also coach/teach at the same high school as us and have a 1 year old boy. We all ordered scooners- which are these huge glasses that probably hold 3 beers (needless to say, we were collectively buzzed- we all get out so much).
We then headed to the auction (put on by the booster clubs at the high school where we work, as well as the high school across town, to raise money for all the clubs and sports programs) and proceeded to bid on crap that none of us really wanted or needed, or had extra money to buy. Thankfully we won did not win anything :)

Dinner was served about an hour into it, this is where the night started to take turn for the worse, and my husband missed out! He was over at the gas station across the street getting cash out... to buy more drinks of course. So here he is drinking it up on an empty stomach- not a good plan for a guy who does drink 1 or 2 beers a night, but has not been "out" in a good 10 months. After the rest of us finished eating we decided to get outta the auction- mostly because we were getting tipsy and didn't want to make gigantic asses of ourselves in front of our colleagues. And, who are we kidding, the place was not happenin'.
So we headed downtown and went to the Eagles- of which my hubs is a member. I was having a blast! I played shuffleboard with the wrestling coaches from our school while my hubs was at the bar talking to his buds. I did not realize he was enjoying himself some cran and vodka- which he never drinks- instead of his normal beverage of choice: beer. Then we decided to go to another bar with a live band to dance- and that is when KK melted down. He was stumbling down the road and looked Chinese. I had to practically guide him down the street, it was embarrassing. At that point, I made a brilliant decision and decided to call a cab to take us home.

To sum it all up, he tried to throw up IN OUR BACK YARD and then wanted to sleep on the bathroom floor, and as I write this, is still up in our bed. I'm so glad my sweet daughter does not have the wear-with-all to understand what a FRIGGIN IDIOT her father is... we are definitely going to have to make fun of him mercilessly.. when he finally decides to join the land of the living!
Man, we really do know how to live it up!


Andréa said...

LOL!! OMG, I can't say I haven't had a night like this (just think 8 girls, alone, without their babies AND wine) but seriously, the back yard :D Heeeheee!

kristi said...

well... it happens to the best of us :)

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