Monday, October 20, 2008

We made it!

Well, the first day of work/child care went over without a hitch, but with a good amount of tears (both mine and baby's). I cried off and on yesterday thinking about how much I would miss being without my sweet girl. I cried this morning while holding her before putting her in the car seat. However, I did sooo good dropping her off and waited until I got in the car, called my mom, and cried on the way to work. I was fine at work until my hubby came down to my classroom to check on me, and got teary again. I cried when I came home and picked her back up and gave her some snuggles.. and I am getting teary as I write this, thinking about taking her again tomorrow.
But really. It was hard, but not terrible or horrible. I can do it again, I will do it again, and I will be a better mom because I am giving my Missy Pants her space. I am also getting my own contributing adult time, and I realized how much I really missed and enjoy my job. As bittersweet as it is to be away from your child, it is totally worth it.

So on top of having her first day at child care, we also took Missy Pants for her first round of shots and her 2 month well check. The good news is she is average for height and weight, and that nothing is wrong with her :)We do have to take her next week for an echo ultrasound, as she has a small heart murmor. (Apparently it is something she will grow out of, but we must take procautions).
The best news- her doctor thinks the reason she is so cranky is because the little chunky monkey is hungry! So we upped her formula to 5 oz every 3 hours, and we'll see how it goes. So far tonight it was wonderful-- she was brave through her shots and only cried for a couple minutes. After we got home she got some yummy grape baby Tylenol, a big bottle, a bath, and went peacefully to sleep! I'm hoping more food will do the trick (she is so her mother's daughter)and Grumplestilskins will settle down.
AND... the hubby started getting up at night to feed her! We started on Friday night and are now switching every-other-night! I could not be happier about that!
And with tonight being my night, I am headed up to bed!

P.S. I'm giving a SHOUT OUT to Hot Mamma over at Oh the Pressures for giving me a sweet bloggy award! I will hand out my own later this week!


Sweetassbabs said...

Congrats on you first day!!! I am glad to hear that she is probably just hungry..... I know little to nothing about bottle feeding so I am no help in the department sorry. I hope that everything continues to go well with baby and that she does in fact grow out of the heart thing.

Wow!!! Big congrats on the switching night feedings it must feel great. I totally wish my husband had milk boobs too so I could sleep. Hahaha

Sara said...

Hang in there it will get better, I cried for 4 days when we started child care. It isn't fun, but like everyone told me "it will get better" and eventually it did! Congrats again mama!!


HM said...


I have to say you and Missy Pants did very good.

I know it's sad to leave, but even Mom's need some sort of life.

It gets harder and easier at the same time. :)


kristi said...

So glad to hear things went well. It is so hard at first, but gets better with time. i've done it both ways. I stay home now but Sophie was in day care from the time she was 3 months old. I'm glad things are going well for ya!

Andréa said...

Glad you did so well! Better than me! I cried ALL the way to work the first time I dropped him off and I curled in hte corner in the pediatricians office for his first shots :D

Lindsay said...

Aww, congrats on your 1st day back. I bet it was hard to leave your little will get better.
I also watched
with hubby for a few months before Miss Priss was born and again after she was born. It made all the difference in the world for ALL of us. Take a look...she is amazing. I head a baby cry in the grocery store and I think of this baby language!
Have a great week!!

Nanette said...

Oh, I got all teary just reading this! You're a strong momma!

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