Thursday, October 30, 2008

Relaxation? Is that even a word??

We need prayers for our Missy Pants, people! KK took her to her echo ultrasound on Monday and the tech found a small hole in her heart. At this point we are still waiting to hear back from our pediatrician as to just how severe it is and if anything must be done at this point. Our hope is that the hole will heal itself and we will not have to worry. I am trying not to stress when I do not have anything concrete to worry me... but it's hard when your sweet baby does not have a perfect heart... she is sleeping in my arms at night now so I assure she stays safe throughout the night.

I am still so busy and behind with my work at school and home- I have about 100 student packets waiting for me to grade... it never ends! I cannot get ahead... I long for the weekend to get things done...and I seriously hope I can get SOMETHING done: there is a sh*t load of laundry stacking up, dirty bathrooms, dishes that must be put away so we have spoons to eat off of... the list goes on and on. In fact, I didn't even have time last night to give Missy Pants a bath, so she got the old wet washcloth once-over this morning!!
What I really want to do is just lay on the couch all day and catch up on my TIVO... doubt that'l happen anytime soon! I foresee my spare moments being filled with chores and random busy-ness.
I just want to feel in control of my life again, like I am ahead on something. I am a hard worker and like things to be organized and in place. Is this what parenthood is like? Full of stolen minutes and a momma running around like her hair is always on fire??
At least I have the stinkin cutest baby of all times-


Sweetassbabs said...

You and the little one are in my thoughts!!!

Sara said...

Do not stress!! I hear this is more common than not. Miya has the same thing and most often the little hole will close up on it's own without having to have anything done. However, if it doesn't close on it's own (like my little Miya's) the procedure to close it is VERY un-invasive (is that a word?). Don't worry!! Wait until your doc calls and go from there. I'll be thinking of you and feel free to email me if you have any questions!


Sara said...

p.s. Love the picture! She sure is a little cutie!

Andréa said...

Maybe not the stinkin cutest ;-) JK. I wouldn't worry. B's cousin has a hole in her heart (she is now 2) and it hasn't closed on its own, but it isn't an issue. Her cardiologist says she is as srong as a horse :D

We will say a prayer though!

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