Monday, October 27, 2008


Holy Crap! Now that I am back to work, I feel like my life is moving in fast forward... the days just fly by Crazy!

My first week back to work went really well. My students were happy to have me back, and I am enjoying getting to know them. It is so nice to have a routine and professional purpose: being away from work made me realize that I need that stability in my life. I also realized how much I love my job and being around young people.
And like Alexa told me, working makes me a better mom to my Missy Pants.
I really value every moment we have together, as well as the time we spend as a family.
We had a great weekend: on Saturday morning,KK and I took the Missy Pants to Wal*Mart (fun times) to get FOOD! and a really cute outfit for her to wear to daycare on Halloween. We also went out to Cabela's so hubs could by some stuff for his upcoming hunting trip to South Dakota. We then went home and watched footbal- our college team, U of Idaho, broke a 17 game losing streak, thank the Lord! and just bummed around. We finished the night with an excellent dinner (KK cooked some pheasant he had gotten the weekend before).
It was so nice to just be with him and our baby... I'm really learning how much I value my husband and our life together.
On Sunday KK went hunting, and I took Ali over to my parents for some fall pictures in the leaves. They turned out super-cute, minus the fact that Missy Pants was more into eating her hands then smiling at Momma and Grammie, but what can ya do? (I'll post them soon, if I have the time!?) We finished Sunday evening with a great chili dinner at my parents (KK came over after hunting) and then went home to wind down and get ready for the week.
...And here I sit on Monday morning trying to clear the fuzz from my brain (lack of sleep = drowsy teacher) and finding myself in disbelief that the first week went SOOO FAST! It's like I never have enough time to organize my house, catch up on my reading, get the laundry done, kiss my baby, or bathe for that matter!
Wow, life sure has changed... for the better :)


Sweetassbabs said...

I am glad to see things are going well. I hope you continue to stay happy and healthy.


HM said...

It flies by once you start working! And it never slows down sadly. Our evenings go so fast it crazy!

kristi said...

glad things are going well for ya. sounds like you are getting the hang of it.

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