Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School... back to school

So here I am back at work- it was so hard to leave my sweet buggie at daycare today- but I did it! I reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllly miss her- I've already texted to check on how she's doing about 1 million times!   It did, however, make me feel good that my friend Lynne (who watches Ali) was so excited and happy to see her when we dropped her off this morning. 

I'm also mad because we totally should not have had school today.  It is snowing AGAIN! And SUPER HARD- so hard, in fact, that we are currently under a winter storm advisory. All the area schools are closed, but noooooooooooo, not my freaking district. It is so bad that the kids are having to walk in the street to school- the sidewalks are not shoveled because of all the freaking snow- and WAL MART even had to close because of excess snow on the roof! I mean, c'mon: if Wal Mart is closed for freak's sake, then the world should stop turning.  I would give anything to squeak one more day with my baby- but oh well, such is life. 

And... I have to mention that I started the Twilight series on Friday- I have three chapters left of the first book- and I'm obsessed! I absolutely love to read, and this is the first book I have started since Missy Pants was born.  It is soooo goood! I read it every chance I get- so I've been using nap times and after baby's in bed (see...I'm already working on one of my New Year's resolutions!) Seriously people, I know I'm late to get on the Twilight train, but if you haven't started it, you need to! It's soo good I'm going to teach it in my Young Adult Lit class next year! 

And one more thing on a pop culture note- I'm so sad that one of my favorite shows, Lipstick Jungle is probably going to get cancelled! I'm so upset- I LOVE THAT SHOW! I DVR it and look forward to watching it during Ali's afternoon feedings on Mondays after school... it's what gets me through the day sometimes, people! I feel like calling NBC and pleading with the powers that be to please keep it on!!!!!!!!!!!  Boo, that ruins my whole life (not really, but I feel like being dramatic).
I even looked up some ways to help (who knows if this really works?) convince the producers not to cancel it: visit this site- and show your LJ support!


Andria and Co. said...

I just posted about Twilight yesterday- I picked it up yesterday, and stayed up until 2 am reading it. I am officially hooked as well!
Ailane starts school tomorrow... it's been a looooong winter break.

Sweetbabs said...

Wow. I can not believe your Walmart closed but not your schools. What a rip off!

KDLOST said...

Lipstick Jungle better not get cancelled! Grrr. That always happens to me.

Oh well. I am about to post something for you on my blog!!! Cheers!

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