Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

KK and I had a night sans-baby this weekend! We dropped Missy Pants at Grandma's and met up with some of our dearest group of friends.  We all met at  over at one  of our friend's homes, where a stretch limo (!) was waiting to take us to Spokane, WA.  We ate at a well-known restaurant called Clinkerdagger, and although I was not too excited about my meal, we did share some great bottles of wine to get our night  started off right!  After dinner, we headed to a local venue and watched the comedian, Ron White, perform. He was hilarious, we had such a good time!  Afterward we went to a fancy bar in downtown Spokane and drank... you guessed it... more wine!  After sharing a delightful dessert and some great gossip, we all piled back into the limo and headed home.  It was so nice to be home at a decent hour, and to get to sleep in on Sunday morning!  
We had a great time and so enjoyed our date.. and Missy Pants had so much fun at Gramma's, so all-in-all it was a fantastic time! 
With all of our focus on being mom and dad, I forget how much I love my husband and just how much fun we have together.  He really is my perfect mate, I was reminded of that in our time together this weekend.  We need to make it a priority to spend some adult time together at least once a month... it's amazing how much more we appreciate each other after having fun- we get back to us again- and that's important!
So to all you new moms out there... make your husband a priority!  Plan a date night ASAP!!
He, and you, will thank me for it!


Sweetbabs said...

That is great that you and your man has some time to unwind. I know first hand how crazy things can get and how your partner can get pushed aside. Good for you guys.

Now that we are turning a new leaf here we will be able to have our date night and start to enjoy each other again. I can not wait. It has been to long. *sigh*

Lindsay said...

Date night? What's that, we forgot over here...ahem 9mos! I'm glad you had a great time. However, I was certain the Ron White died a while back....are we talking about tater salad? I mean if you saw him then HELLO he's very alive. I just remember seeing it on SNL, then again, maybe it was a joke! IDK, I'm very confused now! :)
Anyway, glad Ali got to spemd time at grandma's and mommy & daddy had a night on the town...whoo-hoo!!

KDLOST said...

Good for you!!!

P.s. I just pulled your page up and started dancing to that Christina! Haha, I will have to get that song in my shuffly pronto!

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