Thursday, January 15, 2009

She can Cook!

I have been so busy/tired lately that I cannot even see straight!  I am pathetic- if I am not in bed by 9:00 I am exhausted the next day.  Last night, however, after getting the Bug-A-Boo to bed, I crawled into my comfy covers and had a great night's sleep- thank goodness!  I feel so much better and more productive today. 

Last night was a great night in our kitchen.  I cooked crab cakes, using a delicious recipe that I got from  Andrea's cooking blog.  Now, you have to realize that any time 
a.) I cook and 
b.) it turns out to be edible, is a small victory for me.  
My husband is a great cook, and usually handles those duties in our kitchen.  Sometimes I try to help him out, especially now that we are in the middle of the basketball season and he gets home late from practice.  What I serve usually ends up being made with either a can of cream of mushroom soup or is made in the crock pot, and does not usually contain the type of flavor that you would remember as being wonderful.  
So when something I cook turns out to be good (i.e. we both want seconds) I am a very Proud, Happy Camper.  
I'm telling ya, if you want to make something easy peezy and delicious- copy that crab cake recipe down!  I even used canned crab and they were still good!   Seriously, I was in such a good mood after dinner that I got a second burst of energy and did all the dishes and a load of laundry :)

And this brings me to the next story of how stinkin cute my husband is.  While I was doing the dishes, he was hanging on the couch with Ali Monster.  (We have an open layout to our kitchen/dining room/living room, so I could see and hear what they were doing).    KK was playing with this little red phone rattle that Ali has.  He was saying "ring, ring" then putting it up to Ali's ear and saying "hello, this is Ali" and then putting it up to his ear and saying "hello, this is dad".  It was so cute to hear him call himself dad :)  .  Ali was looking at him with those eyes full of love,  and he just melted my heart.  In all the times I want to pull my hair out and strangle that man,  he can do something so sweet and really turn my crank.  I'm so thankful for him- he's a great partner, good husband, and a fabulous dad.  

Seriously, what more could I ask for?


KDLOST said...

Good for you on the sleep and the crab cakes... that sounds great! I am now aware of a local farmer's market that sells fresh crabmeat and shellfish... (mmmm, fresh gulf shrimp...) and I may be looking to that crabcake recipe before too long! :)

Sweet men/daddies are the bestest. :)

Andréa said...

Awww I am so glad you liked the recipe!!! You should try some more on there ;-) But those crab cakes are DARN good!!! YAY for family time!

Ann said...

that is so sweet, Kelli! I LOVE watching Jim with the kids. he sits on the floor and plays thomas the train with elliott! It is beyond adorable watching your husband being a wonderful daddy!

Lindsay said...

Aww K! First, thank you for the comment on my ST page! You are too sweet! However, I love how it doesn't pinch Averee's head either. The other cotton bands do!

Anyway, congrats on cooking and sleeping!!! And sweet daddy's, too!!

Muah! Lindsay

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