Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And now she's...

Standing up by herself!

(pardon the grainy photo- it was taken on my cell phone)

Yep, that's right, big girl Ali has found a new passion- holding onto whatever is in sight and balancing on those chunky monkey legs! She now refuses to be sat down... when we try to put her on the floor to play, she puts those legs stick straight underneath her and will (very loudly) persist if you do not get her something to grab on to. Granted, she has yet to pull herself from the sitting to standing position.. but it is another move to independence!
She still has not shown any desire towards crawling or creeping, but she does somewhat scoot on her bummy and will walk a little bit holding onto our fingers... and although I am anxious for her to become more mobile, I know I should be thanking my lucky stars she is delaying the process for a bit.
... and just a quick update: We LOVE LOVE LOVE her new daycare! She is so happy there- she is thriving with the new toys and kiddos to dote and play with her all day. Debbie is like another grandma for Ali. The minute we walk into the door, she's already forgotten about me and is looking around for the other kids (she's the first one there) and looking for all the fun toys to play with. She's napping so much better now and just so happy in the afternoons- it's awesome! What a blessing!
And one more awesome tid bit! In August I'm planning a trip to Texas to visit my bestest friend Rose for her baby shower (we find out next week what's she having- whoo whoo I'm sooo excited). I'm getting really excited for the trip because I get to meet two of my best bloggy friends, Andrea and Lindsay!!!! I'm hoping that Ali will be a princess and that I'm brave enough so she can meet B and Miss Priss- but either way I'm getting so excited to see the gals and hang out!!!!


FROGGITY! said...

i seriously get a huge smile on my face when i see your little one! she's so precious!!

congrats on the standing and on loving the new daycare!

Alexa said...

Yeah! And it begins! She'll be running away and too you in NO TIME! Get out that video camera!

Isn't it a great feeling when you know they are doing well in the hands of caretakers while you're at work? Was that a run on sentence? I am having an off!

Lindsay said...


Sorry, I had to get that out first :)

And Go Ali....cute lil bug! Yes, please count those lucky stars, because I think she may start crusin' soon! She's a DOLL!

And where in Texas might you be headed?

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