Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A GREAT 1st Mother's Day!!

I thoroughly enjoyed my 1st Mother's Day!! We hosted brunch for my parents and KK's momma... which I cooked... and everything turned out yummy(phew!). We had sausage souffle; potatoes O'Brien; huckleberry muffins; orange rolls; coffee and orange juice! I also made each Grandma a stepping stone with Ali's feet stamped in them- which of course where a big hit! My momma gave me a hanging pot, plus brought over some cards I had made her when I was little for Mother's Day- sooo cute and funny to look at! My mother-in-law gave me a bunch of pepper plants and heirloom tomato plants for my garden- so fun! KK bought me a new ottoman for our living room to replace our coffee table (it totally does not match our furniture, plus it has sharp edges to bump Ali's head- noo good!) I'm so excited for it to be delivered!! I love that it has storage and it will accent our furniture beautifully!!!

And my dad brought over a reading program he bought off TV to start Ali on word recognition right away - I'm so excited to start it with her... I LOVED to read when I was a little girl ( I might have been a little obsessed, actually) and my dad claims it was because of his diligence of showing me flashcards and reading tons to me when I was a baby.. I'm hoping to encourage Ali in the same direction!
After brunch we spent the rest of the beautiful, sunshiney day working in the yard- planting our garden and flower pots... while Ali played on her blankie in the shade :)
Needless to say we had a wonderful day on Sunday. My heart was full this Mother's Day- my sweet baby is so worth it and all the gift I need.


Sweetbabs said...

Sounds like the perfect day! Happy Mothers Day hun! We have the Your Baby Can Read too, but have not used it a lot. Now that Cute Pants is doing better I have started to do the flashcards twice a day.

FROGGITY! said...

Happy First Mother's Day!! Aren't y'all cute??!?!?

Love the furniture!

Lindsay said...

C.U.T.E picture!!!! Glad you had a great Mother's Day! And I love your ottoman, that is exactly what I want...padded with storage inside for toys...haha!
Yay, for reading programs!!And we started flashcards a few months ago, I think she may be ready now since she only wanted to eat them then! Such a stinker!!!

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