Monday, May 4, 2009

Manic Monday

We ended up taking Ali to an in-home daycare run by the mother of the gal I coach softball with. I AM SO THANKFUL AND HAPPY about this situation. I just was not completely sold on the daycare we were taking her too. First of all, it was outrageously expensive and I could not rationalize paying an over-absorbent amount of money to have my baby sharing 2 girls with 6 other babies. I also did not feel good about my 8 month old taking time away from newborn babies that needed to be held.. which would mean she would not be held.. anyway- I think that option will be better for Ali when she is more mobile and able to play by herself a little bit more- right now with her not crawling yet I want her to be somewhere with someone I know that is loving on her when I can't be!
...and when I took her there this morning for her first day, I walked away with a happy feeling. Debbie had tons of toys out that were perfect for Ali- it was immaculately clean, and the other kiddos are all kids of parents I know and like. So we're happy! And I'm hoping she'll take her again next year- keep your piggies crossed!

On another note- this weekend KK tilled up my little garden plot in the yard.. it's waiting for me to fertilize and prep it after practice for seeds next weekend! I'm planting tomatoes, Italian green beans, onions, carrots, cilantro, basil, and oregano! This is the first time I've had my own veggie garden: I usually do random veggies in pots around the yard- I'm so excited to see how it works out! Oh! I'm also going to plant squash and a pumpkin plant on the side of the house, just for an experiment... So fun!

AND today begins the 2 week countdown to the end of the softball season!!! I CANNOT WAIT to get my life back! I can't wait to spend afternoons taking Ali for walks and hanging in the backyard.. You just don't know how much I want these two weeks to fly! Coaching has been fun this season, don't get me wrong, but it's so different when you're a momma. I miss my baby girl, and I can't help but think of what fun things I would rather be doing with her then spending time with my team. It's time for me to hang up my coaching shoes for awhile... I can't miss this stuff for anything!


Lindsay said...

Oh yay! Great news... new sitter that you love, 2 week countdown, and a garden! OH SO FUN!
My parents always have a garden and I am so jealous. Our dog would dig it up and eat our veggies...haha! I plan to have
my 1st garden next you'll have to keep me updated so I'll know what to expect! :)

FROGGITY! said...

hope it all works out with the babysitter situation!!

your garden sounds awesome. i am so ready to plant our seedlings... it's already so hot down here, hope they don't get scorched!

Alexa said...

Wow, I totally wish I could do a garden like sounds wonderful. You have to take photos when all that goodness starts to come in.

Gemini said...

Awww that is so great about the sitter! And WOOT on the vegi's. Sorry I didn't respond to the email. So much stuff to do :) I'll get to it tomorrow - promise. Love ya!

Kerry said...

Def. take pictures of your garden. I so want to do that someday. Once I get into a regular schedule with my job. Just not this year. My goal is to do some flowers and keep them alive! lol

Glad you have found a sitter. I can only imagine how stressful it is to look.

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