Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am so tired lately! It could be because my little bugga is waking up at the butt-crackity of dawn... seriously Alison, 4:50AM is too early to grace the day with your presence! I have no idea why she is deciding to wake up so early- she goes to bed around 7:30, so it couldn't be that she's getting too much sleep.. I am kind of worried she isn't getting enough actually.
My little bug is also being kind of a pistol these days- she has not figured out how to crawl, but does, however, have a distinct desire to go places... which she assumes is my job to take her everywhere. And when I don't, she sure lets me know how dissatisfied she is with her mother!
She has also decided she would like to stand, but cannot (or will not) pull herself up. So in order for her to enjoy standing, I get to sit behind her in case she falls. Believe me, this is a fun way to spend my time, really! I would rather be playing with toys or something at least a little more interactive!
We also think Ali has an allergy to either grass or pollen. We have been hanging outside quite a bit more now that the weather is nice, and poor baby's eyes get all ready and itchy and watery- her nose runs and she sneezes. She's also developed a raspy cough- not sure if she's got a cold or if she really is allergic to something.
Needless to say, we are so anxious for her 9 month appointment next Tuesday. I can't wait to see how much this girl weighs, and double check that she is developing and reaching her milestones on time- especially with not being mobile yet.
And if I could only figure out a way to make this girl sleep in....


FROGGITY! said...

hope the appt. goes well! and that you get some much needed zzzzz's!

kimca01 said...

Morgan didn't crawl until 9.5 months - but he took his first steps 2 days before his birthday and by 13.5 months, was a totally confident walker.

My little diva is the same, she wants to be waited on hand and foot, drives me a little bonkers.

You don't want an early walker - she's a year and walking everywhere but OMG, it's a pain in my butt! (And Morgan's too...!)

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