Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Family Visit

We loaded Ali up on Saturday and drove 6 hours (in theory) to visit KK's dad over on the west coast of Washington. Surprisingly, Ali did pretty good on the way home, but not so much on the way over. Thank goodness for graham crackers because they saved our sanity on that trip! The trip was good- not going to go into detail because Kris has such a surface relationship with his parents so it's odd anyway...

BUT on the way home, we stopped at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium and had a blast! I thought before going, and still think, that I enjoyed the zoo way more than any other member of the family, but that's neither here nor there :) Here's me and Ali before we went in. They had this awesome polar bear wood carving at the entrance, and Ali thought that was pretty cool.
She also really enjoyed the meerkats and the polar bear. She also laughed her buns off when she was the puffins cleaning themselves in water. It was soo cute :) She did good, and let mommy and daddy see all the animals they wanted to see as well!
Here she is after the zoo:
It was a great idea to take her before our long ride back home- all that action really pooped her out!
It was her daddy's 1st trip to the zoo as well.. as his parents did not make efforts when he was little to ever do anything out of their way. It was such a great way to spend the morning, and we created a memory that will forever stay in our hearts and minds. I hope to get back there at least every other summer.
..and yesterday was a fun/scary day. Ali and I went with some friends out to their lake cabin to swim for the day. Ali and I were sitting on the steps after lunch, getting ready to go into the lake, and I was changing her diaper into a swim diaper. I was sitting on the deck steps, and when I went to take off her diaper, I realized she had pooped. So I stood up, while holding the diaper on, to get a wipe from the bag down on the lawn. Well somehow Ali managed to shift her weight forward as I was standing up, and it must have been the way I was holding her and that stupid diaper, but she fell face first out of my arms. It all happened really fast, but my mommy instincts swung into action and I grabbed her foot right before she did a face plant onto a stepping stone. She still hit her head, and has a sweet street burn on her forehead. I can't bring myself to take pictures because I still feel so horrible over it. I cried just as much as Ali did, and still cried after she had forgotten about it and was back playing in the sand. I cried when I told KK what happened and when I called my mom. We watched her eyes and no sign of concussion, but she seems to be fine, and today the owie looks even better and Ali could care less. I know every mom has a crazy story like that but that's horrible. I never want that to happen again and I keep beating myself up as to how I could have avoided it.
I just hope my sweet girl knows how much I love her and that I would never ever do anything to put her in danger, and that from the bottom of my heart and soul, I love her and hope she will forgive me for our accident.

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kimca01 said...

At least you didn't let (well not let.. ) your daughter fall down 14 stairs because you didn't close the baby gate! (Or fall out of her brothers bed... or out of the bouncy chair...)

I'd say you are doing pretty good if that's your first!!

Callie fell off a chair at daycare today and put her teeth through her lip - but that one was not my fault!

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