Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Man, I love my Mom

So KK left yesterday for a 5 day recruiting trip (remember, he's now an assistant coaching basketball at the local junior college), and even though I'm glad for the break from one another (as both of us our teachers and have the summer's off, and are breathing down each other's neck half the time), I still really miss him. I think it's good, because it helps me to realize that sometimes I don't give the guy enough credit. He really does help out around here, not to mention makes me awesome dinner every night, and his little girl misses him! So sweet, I didn't know a 10 month old could spend so much time trying to find where her daddy is hiding- she's such a little angel cakes!

The nice thing is, although KK is gone, I have an amazing momma to help me out.
She called and had us over for dinner tonight, and she's coming over today to watch Ali so I can get a massage. Then, we're going to visit my Gramma and spend the day with "the girls."
My mom is just awesome. She is so kind and caring and loving, and she is a perfect grandma. She loves Ali so much, I think as much as she loves me :) and I just love to watch them together. I can see why I am so lovey dovey with Ali when I watch my mom. That woman has an endless abundance of love. She's a kisser- just like me- poor Ali gets smoochies non-stop!
My mom is so caring and optimistic- she can find the good in any light and will never say hardly a negative thing about anything (which is sometimes annoying!but in a good way). She plays so well with Ali, and always finds fun stuff to keep her occupied. Even though I want Ali to be little forever, I cannot wait until she's old enough to play with her Gram, because they are going to have a blast! My mom LOVES to color and do anything artsy craftsy. She loves sidewalk chalk, jumping rope, playing kitchen, playing wiffle ball, you name it. She always played with us growing up. And she always would invent some fun game to play. She was a super mom when I was little, and I stand in awe of her then and now. Ali and I are so blessed to have her, and I am so lucky to have a great mom to after which to model myself.


Gemini said...

that is the sweetest thing. sometimes I wish my mom was more involved like that, but I know she does her best!

Lindsay said...

Aren't awesome Mom's the best EVER. We are blessed to have such good momma's...some people aren't this lucky! And how was that massage...heaven? :) Hope your having a great summer, can't wait til the end of August!!!

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