Friday, July 31, 2009

She let me in!

Ali finally opened up yesterday- literally- and let me see inside that sweet little mouth... and boy was I surprised at all the little toofers I found! Missy Pants has her two front teeth, and the two next to those poking through! Amazing how they all popped up outta nowhere! She's also got the two bottom ones, next to the two middle ones (sorry I don't know the medical names) pushing their way up through the gums too. Those guys have a long way to go to reach the surface, and boy do they look painful- poor gal has what looks like blood veins where the teeth are stretching the gums, icky! Now I know why she's woken up the past 2 nights with a big time fever- wow those teeth must hurt like the dickens!

Oh and I'm suuuuuper excited! We found an AWESOME daycare to put Ali for the upcoming school year. She's actually going to start August 17th- so she can get used to it before going full time, and so mommy can get some stuff done around the house like paint her bathroom LIME GREEN!!!
Anyway, the daycare is actually a learning center, and it is inside a Lutheran Church. The pastor of the church has chapel with the kiddos every Monday, I'm so excited for Ali to learn all the Bible stories that I loved (and still love) as a child! I also am in love with her teacher, as well as all the fun activities they do with them, on a daily basis. They told me the kids go outside every day, rain, shine, or snow! Yay! Ali loves outside play! Also, they load up the kids in her class every Thursday into a big 6 seater stroller and take them to the library for lap sit story time- how fun is that!? Momma doesn't even do that! So yeah, lots of learning, signing, sensory, big muscle development play... oh it's wonderful! And affordable! I can't wait and I'm so excited for Ali to meet all the cute friends that were playing outside when we went today to sign her up... but my heart hurts a little when I think about not spending every moment with my baby girl- who's going to be 1 YEAR OLD on August 19th!


Alexa said...

It is so hard to believe she is almost a year. It is amazing how all those teeth start to come in all at once! I don't know how they do it, it looks so painful, must be why we can't remember it, God blocked it out for us :).

The new daycare sounds wonderful. My brother's twin girls go to one that sounds very similar and they THRIVE there, they love it. I am sure Ali will enjoy it and her new friends!

Lindsay said...

Get a wash cloth wet on one or two corners, throw it in the freezer and let her naw the heck out of that. She'll love it! Miss Priss had multiple teeth come in at once, I think it's better to get it over as fast as possible anyway. It looks painful.

I really cannot believe she's almost 1. Where in the world does the time go?

I'm so happy you found a place you LOVE, that has to be a breath of fresh air. Sounds like they will keep her very busy, that's wonderful.

Yumm.. lime green, you'll have to post picts of that. I love lime green and black! And a splash of pink...okay maybe your Hubby wouldn't be thrilled with that :)but it would fo sho be pretty!

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