Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Crap and Stuff

I feel like this week is already flying by! I CANNOT BELIEVE that it is already going to be Thanksgiving on Thursday! Thursday also happens to be KK's birthday, so getting ready for two holidays, as well as getting all my grades due at school for 12 week progress reports, has made for a busy couple of days! Yesterday my mom and I went to Cabela's and split a pair of hunting boots for Kris. I really hope he likes them, and I am so excited to give them to him... his current pair are so stinky that I make him store them in the garage, on the side furthest from the door :)
We are also hosting Thanksgiving- we decided since having Ali that we will host every holiday- that way we don't have to worry about splitting time between our two families and hopefully miss all that hassle all together.
We hosted Thanksgiving last year- KK loves to cook so we really don't mind it at all. Although we do have to clean our house and get everything ready, I still really love being home and not having to worry about getting somewhere else.
This year we are having my grandma, my uncle, my parents, my little brother, and his new girlfriend. I'm really excited, because I have not met her yet (only spied on myspace), and my brother is totally head-over -heels for her. I'm sooo happy for him and she seems really sweet and cute, it's going to be so fun! This is the first time he has had a serious girlfriend since high school, so it's really neat for me to hear him talk about her and how cute he is about the whole thing.
I'm also excited because my crazy MIL will not be attending. That woman came over to the house on Sunday and proceeded to criticize me on her opinion that I was apparently dressing my daughter in a too small outfit. According to her, Missy Pants's toes were just too scrunched, and I should change her right away. She also "spoke" for Missy Pants, and told me that Ali preferred to sit up, not lay down like I had her, and that she wanted me to put her down to play instead of play with her myself. What I felt like saying was: thanks, Mother of the Year, for helping me know what is best for my daughter... since you did such an excellent job with your own son- oh wait- you were drunk for the majority of his life.... but instead I just sat there and bit my tongue.
I did not, however, bite my tongue when she put her pissy pants on when we mentioned our holiday plans. She was not happy about us spending Christmas at home. I told her the plan when KK was outside, and when he came back in, she proceeded to ask him what his thoughts where on spending Christmas at our house, instead of with his family- after I had just told her what we decided!! It made me so mad that she tried to undermine me like that- she is such a queen bizzo sometimes, I get so mad!! I've decided I am not going to appease her anymore- I don't care if she hates me- in fact, I welcome it. That woman needs to know her place. KK is my husband, not her little pawn- and our family is not for her to control. Oh she boils my blood- that woman!

And on a completely different note.... Missy Pants is now eating 7 oz of formula every 3-3.5 hours! I used to freak out about over feeding her- but seriously- she was sooo hungry when she was only eating 6 oz that she would scream after finishing her bottle and would be starving only 2.5 hours later. I'm hoping we are on the right track- poor baby cried for 1 hour straight last night until her mean momma finally fed her! I'm just gonna feed the oinky baby- she is so much happier with a full tummy!


Sweetassbabs said...

Wow hosting the holidays!! You are super women. I have only hosted once. For a small portion of family and it was crazy. This was before baby so that does not say much for me. I don't think I would have the strength to do it now. Good for you and good luck. As for the MIL Good for you!! You can not let her walk all over you and your family. Happy Holidays.

HM said...

How exciting to have everyone there except the one person you don't want! I hope you have lots of fun and you're little gal is growing! Funny how you water them and they grow just like plants :)

kimca01 said...

You can't overfeed them, don't worry! Morgan was 31 lbs at a year but is now a tall and thin (but broad shouldered) 43 lb 3 year old. It just sounds like she'll be one of those babies that is ready to start rice cereal at 4 months. Some babies are totally content and some get hungrier and are ready. For Morgan, it was 4 months because he was the same - just kept getting hungrier. Callie was the same, only at 5 months. Solids has definately helped her (although today she's a total crab - ugh!)

I was laughing about the MIL - you know I understand!!

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