Saturday, November 22, 2008

Whoo Hoo for New Technology!

We got a new laptop today!! We have been talking about updating the Dell laptop my dad gave me about 4 years ago for a couple of months now... it was so full of documents and random files, plus dumb programs that pretty much eat up space...and today we went to Walmart and bought a new Toshiba! It's really nice and so much faster then the Dell- I'm so excited! My husband is sooo lucky that he will have this fancy schmancy machine to finish his master's degree on- our old comp was full to the brim with my documents, plus millions of media files (wonder who could be in those?)... so it's really nice to have an upgrade! Now I don't have to do all my internet work (i.e. shopping, facebook and blogging) when I am at work! I can actually surf the web at home in normal-time! I'm so excited!

Also, our little Miss -3- month- old is just coming to life! She can hold her head up on her own now, we put her in the bumbo for the first time yesterday and she loved it! She was looking at her feet like "hey, what are those things?" It was hilarious.
It is amazing how much she is changing and growing into her little personality... it's beginning to feel like she is reciprocating our love for her and it is so fun to interact with her!
Her favorite thing to do lately is look into the mirror at herself and mommy and daddy- she's pretty much obsessed with her reflection :) She also laughs and talks to us all day long- we're not sure at this point if we will ever be able to shut her up again!
We took her to her first (of many, many) basketball games last night at the high school. She totally loved looking around at everything (daddy was pissed because she was watching the cheerleaders more than the players, but I chalked it up to the shiny pon-poms... we hope!). She didn't even freak out at loud noises, like when the buzzer sounded or the band played- and she fell asleep about 45 mins into the game and didn't wake up once! We're glad she likes it in the gym- it will soon become her second home- daddy's season starts next week!
I just can't put into words how much I love, and how thankful I am, for our sweet little girl. She is such a blessing, and I love her more and more every single day. I'm trying to squeeze in as much time with her now... I'm waiting for the day when she tells me to quit giving her kisses all the time! Until then, she's subject to my infinite cuddling!


Sweetassbabs said...

Yay for the new laptop!!! It is fun getting a newer, faster computer!! Makes me want to get a new shiny toy. Also Yay for Missy Pants. 3 Months old!! That's great. I would love to see some pictures of that cuties pie.

kimca01 said...

Ah, I just force Morgan to let me kiss and cuddle him now that he's a too cool 3 year old LOL At least Callie can't run away from me like he can though!! Can't believe your baby girl is 3 months already, seems like I was just reading the post about you having her!

Nanette said...

Sounds like such a sweet girl with a very sweet mama!

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