Saturday, November 29, 2008

Out of bad news comes progress

My hubster is in Wenatchee today with the basketball team he coaches, so The Missy Pants and I have just been buddying around mommy-daughter style. We went and got groceries this morning, and Missy decided she was too big for her car seat- so I spent the whole trip holding her and steering the cart, it was real fun. And to top it all off... she peed right through her diaper- so there I was holding an increasingly heavy baby with wet pants, while trying to get all the stuff we need and not forget anything! I'm definitely bringing daddy with me next time :)

Other than that, the day has been pretty low key. I think Missy Pants might have a little tummy trouble- every time she has eaten today she has arched her back in pain and then vomited a little bit. I gave her some gripe water and it did seem to help, but poo baby just wants to be held all day and have her tummy rubbed :( needless to say, I postponed holiday decorating until tomorrow with daddy is home to help!

KK did call me from the road with some sad news- a really good friend of his- who was the assistant coach for his basketball team in high school- was diagnosed with lung cancer today. He is in his 60s and has been a smoker for most his life. As a child of two smokers (my mom is a closet smoker) I really took this to heart. I have wanted to talk to my mom for forever about this- but it is so hard to bring up. I bit the bullet tonight and emailed both her and my dad. I told them that I don't want Alison to grow up without her grandparents- and that we need them in our lives! I also found a bunch of websites that offer support to quit smoking. I was totally nervous as to how my mom would react- it has been kind of a "don't ask, don't tell" around our family to not bring up her habit.
Well I just checked my email, and my mom had responded. She said she was ashamed for her habit and was thankful I finally brought it up. She promised she would quit, and she sounded really heartfelt. We probably won't ever talk about it, but I really hope that this will be the changing point for her, and my dad. I cannot imagine how horrible it would be to have to face the world without my two greatest role models and supports. I fell hopeful and happy- I'll keep you posted!

Ok- my baby started to cry again... maybe a bath will help soothe the poor sweet angel?


Sweetassbabs said...

Oh poor baby not feeling well. I hope she gets better soon. As for the shopping You should look into getting a sling. It makes shopping much easier. I love mine and I can do the shopping without the hubby there which is a good thing cause if he came my food bill would be $300

Andréa said...

Seriously, gripe water made B worse. I tried Mylacon and it was much better. Oh... and I wanted to tell you. If this is like the
2nd or 3rd time she needs to move up in size. I found that out the hard way. Oh, and B thought he was too big for his carseat as well and we bought one of those things that stick in the cart to make in sanatary (it comes in great colors with toys) and he LOVES it. I think it is his favorite part of the day :)

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