Monday, November 10, 2008

Why me?

So the weekend went pretty good considering my husband it out of town and I'm doing everything on my own. Taking care of Ali is the easy part. Trying to get everything ready for Kris's dad to come on Thursday has been a bit annoying.
Here is what's annoying: Kris is home Wednesday, his dad comes to visit Thursday, and will be here until Sunday. Kris starts coaching basketball Friday, so he won't even be home until 6 that night, and then he will be gone again Saturday morning until noon. So I get to entertain his dad, by myself, for a rough total of 9 hours. Not to mention this will be the 2nd weekend in a row that Kris and I don't really get to hang together.
Also, Kris has a crazy mother. Seriously, she is not normal by any stretch of the imagination. She lives here in town, and her story would take me an entire book to write, and I just don't have that kind of time and energy- so you get the short version. His mother used to be an alchoholic, until this summer when she had a crazy meltdown and we had to do an intervention. The woman has never been normal since I met her- she is a terrible house keeper and does not take care of herself: she doesn't even comb the back of her hair! She is 62 years old and looks and acts 80, it's amazing. I also harbor a lot of anger toward her because she was a horrible parent to my husband. He barely talks about his childhood, but from what I do know she never spent time with him or cared what he was doing.. just wanted him to get out of the house so she could drink or do whatever it was she did.
P.S. She's totally high maintainance.
So anyway, she stopped drinking over the summer, (which was fun to deal with when I was 8 months pregnant, by the way) and is now sober and more annoying then ever. She finds it necessary to come over to our house once a week to "see the baby." By "see the baby" I mean sit on our couch for 20 minutes without holding Missy Pants and then leaving the minute Missy starts to fuss or cry. She always comes at the worse time, usually right before dinner, and totally interrupts my day. She has nothing to talk about because she does nothing with herself all day.. and I don't feel sorry for her because she is totally capable. It is such an interruption to what I'm trying to do- between working and trying to wind down and get the Missy Pants all settled in the evening, the last thing I want to worry about is having her come over! I've talked to my husband about it a million times, but he thinks it is a good thing that she is getting out and being social. ArGhhhh!!! It's making me crazy!
So she calls me today and wants to see if Missy Pants and I are handling everything alright since Kris is gone- yeah, like she has any idea... and I tell her how stressed I am about getting the house cleaned and all my extra work done from school before Kris's dad comes and she says- oh OK, well I'll stop by tomorrow sometime to see the baby. What!? Are you kidding me!? Did she really just TELL me she was going to ruin my day tomorrow and come over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so annoyed! And I want to kill my husband even more now!
I don't even know how to handle it or what to say to him- it is excessive that she comes over once a week. And there is no purpose to it except maybe in her demented mind makes her feel wanted or useful and probably gives her something to do to get out of the house. But really, how long will this go on? I'm sure I could handle her a lot more if she would just give us space! Ahhhhhhh, I think I'm going crazy!


Sweetassbabs said...

Oh sweetie!!! I feel for you. I think when K comes home you need to have a talk with him about how stressed this little hunting trip caused you and demand that you get a spa weekend in return. His mother does sound crazy and I have a feeling the only way to solve that is to move but I highly doubt that is an option. Once again I am so sorry and just know I am sending you a virtual *HUG*

Alexa said...

Yeah for a spa weekend! You totally need to leave him with the baby for a weekend, the men need to know what it is like for us. It is not easy to do the dishes, laundry, make dinner, HAVE A CAREER, AND take care of the baby! You are a wonderful mother and wife!

Andréa said...

I say breathhhhheeee, and count to 10. A. Your husband needs to handle up on his mother! ASAP. I had a little situation like this before (thank God no alcohol was involved - as she is Baptist) but handeling was in order none the less. B. Your hubby needs to be home to entertain his own father, what hte hey? Maybe his dad can go with him on Saturday?
My counselor says you need to deal with your own parents and stand as a united front. So if hubs tells him mom something, she IS NOT allowed to come behind his back and try to work on me. We stand together, and once again, I ask him to say something. It has started to work (I know it takes time) so maybe if you guys try that she will get out your hair - and worry about her own :) Sorry I just couldn't help myself.

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