Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving success!

Missy Pants's 1st Thanksgiving went over fabulously! We hosted- which let me tell you was way more tiring with a 3-month old... but still was fun. Taking care of Missy Pants, along with cleaning my house (remember, no cookin' for me, thank goodness-my hubby is amazing!) and getting the table set, etc. made for one tired momma and baby! Missy must have know something was up, because she hardly napped all morning, so she was a cranky crankster when our guests arrived! Thankfully, a bottle saved the day, and she was happy enough to play in her chair and let us devour a wonderful meal! It was so nice to have my Grandma over, along with my parents, one of my uncles, and my little bro and his girlfriend- who by the way is great! My brother seems to be smitten by her, and she is totally cool and easy to get along with- so I'm givin the thumbs up and I hope wedding bells come (but not for like a year at least).

After all was said and done, we had a great time- the guests were gone by 5:30; momma and Missy Pants were asleep on the couch by 7:00!!! And Missy slept all the way until 3:30!!!!!! That is her longest stretch yet- I'm hoping we are on the way to a 10 hour night soon! Who knows with our little oinker- she just cannot get enough of those ba-bas lately :)

And today was such a nice, relaxing day. We got up at our usual 6:30- so early for a holiday weekend- but not so bad when you go to bed at 7:00 hehe... then we bummed around the house for most of the morning- I cleaned up what was left to do (which was not much-thanks mom and gramma!). And then I put up our Christmas lights outside!!
Usually I am not so excited to get into the holidays, but with our little girl around this year, it is so much more fun and meaningful! She is getting to where she can see everything too, she was really into the neighbors lights through her window when she was falling asleep tonight...
My mom also gave me two pre-lit fake trees she didn't want anymore, so I added those outside on the porch. I still have some lights to hang from the windows upstairs, as well as my wreaths; but the outside is almost complete!
KK goes to Wenatchee tomorrow with the basketball team, so I think I will take the opportunity to finish decorating inside.I might also put Missy in this cute Christmas sleep n play I bought her and take some pics for the calendars I'm making for the grandparents...super cheap and easy Christmas present that they will totally love.

To end the night of holiday bliss... it's snowing!!!!!!!!!!!


Sweetassbabs said...

Great picture of Miss Pants. She is so cute. I am glad all went well for Thanksgiving. I love Christmas too. All my decor is almost and I will be posting pictures of the madness soon. What a perfect ending....snowing!!!

Lindsay said...

Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Lucky you ....sleep @7, that's awesome! She's a cutie! Don't worry, she will be sleeping 10 hours before your know it! Even if I rolled my eyes when people told me that....finally it happened & Hubby and I have our time back! :) You will be able to watch movie again..I promise! Have a great weekend!

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