Monday, December 1, 2008

Tummy Troubles

I'm home this morning with a very upset baby girl. Ever since she was real sick 2 weeks ago (vomiting sick) she has not really bounced back. Every time we feed Missy Pants she acts upset and kind of arches her back after she has finished her bottle and we go to burp her. She has been real irritable and not napping well. She was spitting up more then normal on Saturday, not a huge amount, but frequently and it stunk worse then normal spit up. Last night, KK got up to feed her around 2am. She ate, then went back to bed, and about 15 minutes later, started fussing. He got up to try to calm her, and she just would not calm down. I got up to try and rock her, which I did for about 3 minutes, and then she started screaming. Like something I have never heard before, really upset, something hurts baby. KK and I started to go through what could be wrong: she had not pooped yesterday (still has not pooped) and so I put her in the airplane hold and patted her tummy, which helped a lot. I had to hold her like that through the rest of the night, so I have had no sleep since 2. This morning before he went to work, KK went and bought soy-based formula and prune juice at the store. I'm wondering if she is developing a dislike or allergy of some kind to her formula? Since I stopped breastfeeding, she has been using Costco brand. Could her body be reacting poorly to it? What can I do?? I'm waiting until 8:30 to call our pediatrician's office to talk to a nurse- but I want some mommy advice too!


kimca01 said...

OK, does any of this fit her profile? If so maybe ask your doctor about GERD or reflux:

How does a parent know if their child has GERD?

As with any medical condition, you should consult your physician. Only your physician can diagnose pediatric GERD.

Some of the typical symptoms among infants and children include:
Frequent spitting up after meals or in between feedings
Frequent hiccups
Frequently shows signs of hunger but only feeds for a few minutes due to discomfort
Difficulty swallowing
Arching the back during feeding
Irritability, persistent crying
Fussing after feedings
Signs of abdominal pain, drawing legs up, arching back
Sour burps or bad breath
Waking from sound sleep with screaming and/or writhing
Poor weight gain, poor growth
Wheezing or excessive coughing
Resisting all feedings or solid foods

Some of them don't sound like her but the back arching thing made me think of it.

Alexa said...

Blair went through this. The doctor told me to make sure I was not overfeeding and to stick to the three hour schedule. I did all that and he finally (after a week or so) got used to knowing when he was hungery, and not to over eat. At first we thought it was GERD. I would really talk to your doctor though. That is just my story, good luck! She has a great mommy to comfort her!

Sweetassbabs said...

No real advice here....I hope things get better. On a happier note I have given you an award....stop on by to pick it up. Love ya

HM said...

Oh poor baby. I've heard Carnation Good Start is really easy on their tummys.

Andréa said...

The only advice I can give (the RN's is probably better) but B went through this and he had acid reflux, however, my pediatrician also said don't buy that cheaper formula. Which really sucks because I know how expensive it is. She says they don't test it like they do the Infamil or whatever you are using. So, there are things left out of it. Granted, that is her opionion, but Hubs and I have stuck to the $24 and it has worked. Not to mention when B hit 6 months he stopped his daily 2 doses of Prevacid? I would ask the doctor though. Not to mention, give her Mylacon. It was the only thing that helped Mr Man?

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