Tuesday, December 23, 2008

4 month checkup

We took Bug a Boos to her 4 month well check today, here are her stats:

Height: 25 inches (75th percentile)
Weight: 15 lbs 13 oz (90th percentile!)
Head Circumference: 40 inches (50th percentile)

We were so happy to see her head grow so much (she was in the 14th percentile at 2 months)!  She is getting so big- and the doctor said she was happy about her height to weight ratio- our little chunk a monker!
She also did pretty good with her 2nd round of shots- of course we had a big ba-ba ready and waiting :)
The doctor also confirmed that I was making the right choice by putting Ali on rice cereal- she said "if the girl's hungry, feed her!" She said to wait until next month to start in some baby food- I can't wait to watch Ali try some new foods!  She also  suggested pear juice for the poor baby's constipation- so tomorrow morning I will hit the store first thing.  We can tell she is straining so hard to poopie- that must hurt her little bootie so bad!

Now we are just settlin in and relaxin:  tomorrow my parents and brother are coming over for chili and to open up some presents- and I plan to go to the 9:00 Christmas Eve service ( I can't wait!).  On Christmas we are supposed to go over to KK's grandparents, weather permitting... but I'm kind of hoping we get snowed in and can have a nice, relaxing Christmas as just US!

Hope everyone is all ready for the madness to begin- Ali has so many presents already from just my parents- that girl could be the most spoiled 4 month old child yet!


kimca01 said...

Awww she's petite, Callie was 18 lbs and 26 inches at 4 months LOL Now that's a chunk!

Did I tell you about the beginner oatmeal? It's WAY better than the rice (it's just a beginner cereal too) because they don't get as constipated. I've given up on the rice cereal with Callie and just do the oatmeal cereal, huge change!

Sweetbabs said...

Wow my daughter just hit 15 lbs. You grow them big :-) I happen to be a very small girl. I only stand 4'9'. So my little bean will be a tiny girl too. She is getting so big. Ah time flies doesn't it?? Happy Holidays sweetie and Happy New Year as well.

Sweetbabs said...

I agree with the oatmeal. Not as binding.

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