Monday, December 29, 2008

Free Dog!

So today has been the day of all days.  To start, the mail isn't being delivered because of this hellacious snow storm (or should I say storms) and I'm waiting on a fun package to get here! 

Also,  KK and I drove over to my parents' house today to borrow their snow blower while they are vacationing in Cozumel (jerks) and on the way, some dude blew a stop sign perpendicular to the way we were traveling, causing Kris to swerve our truck to miss him, and landed us high centered from the left side in a giant snow bank (thank God it was there)!  I have never seen my husband so pissed off- I was so nervous he was going to kick the guys a$$ for doing that (he was lighting a cigarette and missed the sign, apparently).  Thankfully, we were all OK- but seriously, by husband was screaming terrible things at the guy, mostly about almost hurting our baby girl, that I have never heard him say before- and my husband is NOT a fighter by any means.  So anyway, KK made the guy dig us out, with the help of some nice young guys that drove by, and thankfully the truck was fine- we went to my parents' and came home.

But oohhhhhh nooooooooooooooooo, that's not where this story ends.  Background story: we have to lock our dog, Jack, in the spare bedroom upstairs when we go anywhere. Jack has a problem being contained, but when he is out in the house, he for some reason finds it necessary to lift his leg on the walls- something he never did before Ali was born.  We have tried to lock him in his kennel- he ripped the door off- leave him in the garage and he pees/poops everywhere- and the backyard is out because we aren't fenced in yet on all 4 sides.... so we've been locking him in the guest room.  
So we get home this afternoon and KK goes up to the let dogs out, and starts repeating "oh no, oh no" and I go upstairs to find that Jack has RIPPED UP about a 5 x5 foot radius of carpet from under the door jam back.  He has also broken the bottom of the door trying to dig out from underneath it.  There is also blood everywhere from him ripping one of his nails off trying to dig out.  
Seriously, I am not a violent person, but my elbow hurts from spanking that dog.  I have never been so mad in my life- I cannot believe he did that to our house.  And we are not rich people, so here comes an unexpected expense we have to save up for.  
KK thinks he will be able to just by a portion of carpet and pad and blend it back in to what we can salvage- and the door will just have to wait- but if we didn't love that dog so much he would be out in a field somewhere left for survival.  (I think we've figured out why his first owners left him to run free in a state park!)
So anyway, that is a little taste of the wonderful day we've had.  And to top it all off, my daughter has decided not to take her afternoon nap, so I'm off to rock the precious princess.  At least looking at her angel-face makes me take a deep breath and realize what really matters and be so thankful we are safe and sound!


Sweetbabs said...

What a day. Sorry..... My cat has gone through something like that too. She has stopped cleaning her self well and leaves little poo pellets all over my house. So not cool. No great advice there. Here is to a better day tomorrow sweetie.

Lindsay said...

Aww, honey! I'm sorry about your doggy! I have spanked our hard- headed dog until my hand hurt, too. Makes me sad thinking about it now. All I can say is watch The Dog Whisper. He is great! Other than that I don't really have any advice :( I know they can be jealous, after all, they were the only babies for a while!
I'm also glad you all are ok after the stupid guy...hope he got his cigg lit without any trouble...geez!!
Darn snow....Ali needs her bows!! Take Care!!!

Andréa said...

OMG seriously, did my Chihuahua and Jacke get together and not tell us they were planning this pee and poop and tear shit up? I swear. We are living similar lives (minus the snow!) Hope your day gets better and you guys have a wondeful new year!

HM said...

That's a really bad day. I'll give you that! I'd be so mad at your dog too! Glad you guys are ok! Happy New Year!

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