Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Book!

I love to read books- and when I was little, some of my favorite memories are of being read to. One of my most favorite people from elementary school was our librarian, Mrs. Haas. She would pick the BEST stories to read to us, and she had the best reading voice. I will never forget how much I loved library time- she made it so special!
I have carried my love of reading/being read to in my own adventures of mothering. We read to our little bug as much as possible- and she seems already to enjoy it so much! I buy her books all the time... the most recent I bought was this one:

It is AMAZING! The book tells all about Santa, his sleigh, the North Pole, etc. It kind of breaks it down... it has examples of Christmas letters, a newspaper article with a Santa sighting, oh it is amazing! Please buy it for your kids- they will LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Now, I am looking for a Christmas book that tells the true meaning of Christmas- Baby Jesus! Does anyone have a good Christian Christmas book to suggest??


Sweetassbabs said...

I plan on going shopping in a little while and I will have to stop and get that book. Sounds great! No suggestions cause I am not very religious.

Alexa said...

We SO enjoy reading to Blair. It seems to calm him right down in the eveings and it captures his attention. We can already tell he loves Dr. Seuss. This looks like a great Xmas book. I am going to have to look for it at the store, thanks!

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