Monday, December 1, 2008

The Diagnosis

After an oh so tiring day of holding Missy Pants (she would scream bloody murder every time I even thought about setting her down) the doctor squeezed us in. Well, not her real doctor, but the nurse practitioner, who was super nice and I really liked- anyway- she diagnosed A with something called gastrititus. She prescribed Prevacid and said that what probably is happening is that Missy Pants' tummy virus from 2 weeks ago probably caused some reflux that is taking awhile to work itself out. She said it would probably go away within 1 week to 10 days, but to elevate her bed and really burp her good after she eats- no laying flat or anything like that immediately after eating. I really hope that the medicine kicks into her system and that she will be a happier baby come tomorrow... today kicked momma's butt! It's 6:36 as I write this and I'm ready to fall into bed!

** Thank you so much to all the advice and well wishes- I need you gals on my speed dial !

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Sweetassbabs said...

The Prevacid should start working fully in about two but I could take up to a week. Sorry this is happening to you. If you can not prop here up safely you can use a swing but only if the swing is in a more reclined position. Cute Pants lived in her swing for the longest time. Also the car seat in the crib is one I heard works well. Smaller more frequent feedings also helps. I am an open book of info when it comes to all things reflux related. I hope she gets better soon. Love ya

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