Sunday, December 14, 2008


We finally got some snow up here in North Idaho... and along with it- some super freezing temperatures! Today the high was 13 degrees- tomorrow's is forecasted to be around 2 flippin degrees! C'mon now, 2 friggin degrees - is that even possible! I guess I should get used to it being as I have lived in this area almost my entire life- but seriously- it seeps into your bones and gets downright chilly burgers! I'll be sure to bundle myself, and the Missy Pants, up tight these next few days!

-And on another note, Miss Ali is eating her way through the rice cereal!

She is still trying to figure out the whole tongue with spoon deal, but she's getting the hang of it pretty good so far. Depending on how hungry she is when you catch her, she may be patient enough to get through most of the bowl, or she may take 2 spoonfuls and be done. It's hilarious- she gets soooo messy! She tries to eat her hands and the rice cereal at the same time, so needless to say, I really need to invest in some bigger bibs!
Feeding it to her has made a huge difference in her ravenous appetite- she now eats every 4 hours, and not on demand, which is a great relief from the screaming child we used to experience at 2 hour intervals! It makes living our buys life so much easier! We made it through a 5 hour shopping trip today without even a squawk! She also slept like a dream today while we were out and about... happy baby =happy parents= super fun family day.
KK and I went to Steve and Barry's today and got some great deals on work clothes! They are going out of business and almost everything is 40-70% off- amazing! I got 4 button down shirts (that I love to wear cause they hide the baby pooch), a cute black and grey striped sweater, and a pair of navy chords- plus KK got like 5 or 6 shirts and a pair of shorts for under $80! It was amazing, and a perfect shopping trip for us not-so-rich teachers.
I'm also looking forward to a fun week - it is the last week of school before Winter Break (whoo hoo!) plus I have a cookie exchange Wednesday with some dear friends of mine, then a fun ladies only Christmas party with the gals from work on Thursday. And Friday, my little bro and his girlfriend are watching Ali so I can go watch KK's teams' basketball game baby free! I'm looking forward to some fun adult time :)


Sweetbabs said...

The temp here today is 1 with a wind chill of like -13 so it is damn cold here too. Hahaha. I am glad Missy Pants is doing better and it looks as though she loves the cereal. Just watch out for constipation. Rice cereal can be very binding. Oatmeal is a good choice if she does happen to become bound up.

KDLOST said...

yeah, girl! i am a KD! :)

good to meet other sisters through the bloggy world!


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