Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cause I'm Tough Like That

So let me just say I'm pretty much a bad ass (well, not really, but the high school kiddos think so right now!)

At school on Monday (remember, I teach high school) I was walking down the hall right after the bell for 2nd lunch went off. I was just coming back to my classroom after running some worksheets, when I saw all these kids standing around watching something. I thought maybe some kids where doing a dance-off or something like that- which happens oddly enough more then you think. When I got closer, however, I realized that two boys where fighting. They were rolling around on the floor, and not one single kid watching the whole thing jumped in the break it up ! (I know, I know- why am I shocked) So being the bad-ass/idiot teacher that I am, I grabbed the kid who was on top at the moment and pulled him off the other kid. Right as I grabbed him, he swung a punch right to the poor kid on bottom's face. That kid in turn tried to punch the kid I was holding back- but instead he landed a blow right on the back of my top right hand. Let me tell you, it hurt like the devil- but of course I was so tough that I just dragged both kids down to the office without even flinching. I had to fill out an incident report, even though I really just have some bruising- kind of like if you accidentally hit the top of your hand on a counter or something.
And the best part? I broke up the fight without even losing my worksheets! Yes, that's right, I'm so tough that it only took one hand to break it up (the guys were little, thank God).

So yeah, all in a day's work I guess! Whoo hoo! And my students? They think their English teacher is pretty freakin awesome- which- hey, can you blame 'um?


Sweetassbabs said...

Bad ass mama Kelli!!! Great job and with such grace to. Amazing! Hows the little one. The reflux doing better?

willtherebecake said...

Wow, you are a bad ass!! I'm impressed.

Lindsay said...

Good Job Ma'am! And didn't even drop a worksheet...whoo-hoo!
Oh and yes Miss Priss is such an angel, doesn't get into anything, let's me get all of my work done!Oh hahahahaha! However, Miss A's bows will be done shortly! I can't wait to see them on her!

Andréa said...

OH my you are one brave Momma! I don't know if I would have done the same thing, but Hell Yeah girl, you go!

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