Saturday, December 6, 2008

Big Girl !

Missy Pants is getting bigger and better by the minute. It seems that daily she becomes less of a little bundle of baby, and more of a little person with an oh-so-fun personality!

We started adding rice cereal to her bottle yesterday- the little gal always seemed to be starving to death and was only lasting 2.75 hours between feedings! I went to Bunco on Thursday, and this girl who lives behind me and has a little boy who is 2 weeks older then Ali told me to slip in some rice cereal. She said they had been doing it and really noticing the difference- so I tried it last night. You would not believe how satisfied our little chicketty has become! She will go 4 hours between feedings, and is sooo happy and full after her ba-bas! I love it! She took great naps all day today, and didn't even finish her 2nd bottle all the way- something she has NEVER done since being born! Yay for a full baby's tummy!

I'm anxious to see what tonight brings... I don't want to jinx it, but maybe my full baby will sleep her way through the night!?

We also brought up her exersaucer from the basement and put her in that to see what she thought; and let me tell you she is in love with her fun, new toy! There is so much for her to look at, plus she gets to feel like a big girl and stand up on those big, strong legs for a bit. She's only lasting in it for about 10 minutes- but it is 10 minutes of bliss to get things done and/or relax! She squeals and laughs, then her eyes get all big and serious when she accidentally shakes or turns something with her hands- I love it!


KDLOST said...


thanks so much for stopping by my blog. your little one is just a doll. yeah, that rice cereal is good stuff. :)


Andréa said...

One thing... you are not supposed to put rice cereal in a bottle, according to my pediatrician. My mother in law said they used to do that in that olden days (with my hubs) but I asked my Dr about it and she said absolutely not. They are supposed to get used to the idea of eating off of a spoon, as opposed to "drinking" there food. I would try puting her in a bouncy seat or high chair and feeding her. Mr man was eating cereal at 3 months too :) Hope that helps!

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