Monday, April 20, 2009

8 months already!?

Alison turned 8 months on Sunday... and although I am loving this stage, it is hard to believe she is growing up so quickly! Her little toother on the bottom left side is growing its way into the world, and the left one is right behind it! Amazing!
One of the labor and delivery nurses from when she was born lives across the street from us and yesterday we where talking about her birth and it just seems like we were right there! Amazing how time just fliiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeesss by when you have a child--people always told me it would but really, it's cruising!

My friend and neighbor Tarragh(whose son Wyatt is 2 weeks older then Ali) and I took the kids to church yesterday:

Must of been a real snoozer! :)=
Anyway, the kids had a little playdate afterwards and I was so surprised to see that Wyatt is cruising all over the place! He crawls and pulls himself up on everything... and my girl sits on her bum and claps for him!! She's kind of starting to show some desire to move towards something she wants- but she still doesn't really put forth any effort to get there. She's still only rolling from her tummy to her back, not vice versa. I know she has the muscles for it, that I'm not worried about for sure... but I just wonder why she doesn't care to go anywhere? Like, am I doing something wrong as a parent by not putting her toys far away so she must reach for them? She spends a lot of time playing on the floor, but she'll go from sitting to her tummy to her back, and then be content. I'm not sure what I should be doing to encourage her, or if I am messing her milestones up by missing a step???
What I really need to do is stop being a worry-wort: stop comparing my sweet, beautiful, smart baby girl to everyone else, and just let life happen.... whew! talked myself down from that one :)
Ali also is showing us her love for music and dancing (just like her momma!). Anytime a song comes on, even a commercial, she'll bob her head and move her little body back and forth- it's so cute! She's even started to add a little head shimmy.. I've got to get it on film!
She absolutely loves it when I sing to her- I even made up some lyrics from Jason Mraz's "Lucky" song that she just giggles every time I sing it to her.
It goes:
Lucky I'm in love with Alison
Lucky that she is my very best friend
Lucky when I come on home again.... and she loves this part...
ooooo a ooooo a oooo a ooo a ooo :) :)
Oh my sweet baby! I can't wait to see her at the end of today already!


Gemini said...

I LOVE that song, and give that beautiful girl a kiss for me!!!

Alexa said...

You've made me miss Blair now! LOL...your a wonderful mama. She is just going to hit the milestones when she is good and ready! She is growing so fast! Make sure you get that on video! Even if only for a few seconds. I was watching video of Blair from a a few months ago, he is already so different!

FROGGITY! said...

aw! you have a little dancer!

yes, you should never compare your kids to others b/c everyone is totally different! :)

you sure do have a little doll!

Lindsay said...

Ummm, C.U.T.E.! Yes ma'am, no more worrying. She's just an observer :) My neighbors daughter didn't take a step til 14 mos. I never encouraged A to crawl, roll, or take any steps. I just figured she'd do it when she was ready. Plus, to tell you the want her to just sit pretty, bc when she startd movin'...oh goodness is all I can say! :) Haha! Take care lovey!

kimca01 said...

Morgan didn't crawl until 9.5 months but still walked a year. 6 weeks later, he was totally walking around. Callie has been crawling since 7.5 months, took her first steps a month ago at 10.5months but still only walks if you hold her hand. They all are so different, you just never know what you are going to get. Moving ain't what it's cracked up to be though, it kind of sucks as you are constantly taking them out of the garbage, off the stairs, from behind the TV - it's damn exhausting! It's just a personality thing - Morgan was more laid back probably like A and Callie is more aggressive and into everything (and personally, I prefer laid back!! LOL)

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