Monday, April 27, 2009

Ali Monster

So Lil Miss Sweetie Pie Alison has turned into Lil Miss Demanding Ali Monster as of late!!! She has not begun to :

  • cry when something is taken from her that she cannot have (i.e. momma's gross, dirty gardening sandals)

  • she knows the word NO, and gives big puppy eyes when you tell her "no, no Ali"

  • gets downright P.O' ed when momma or daddy do not sprint to pick her up if she's tired of playing by herself... she creams so loud, that the neighbors must think we're pitching her

  • cried for about 1/2 of the walk we took yesterday because she wanted to be held rather then ride in the stroller

  • and has woken up bawling the past 3 nights in a row- and will not be soothed unless she is brought into mom and daddy's bed...where she promptly falls asleep...Sideways. (we cannot figure out if this is manipulation, or nightmares, afraid of the dark..teeth, or???)
  • She's rolling everywhere- ready to explore her world- which is both a blessing and curse- but is now antsy pantsy to get down and explore her world- making her not so much fun in public places where she must be held...

Missy Pants had got her padres scramblin!!!!

And here's a picture of her hanging with the boys at daycare... SO Cute!

.. and can we say BIG GIRL!!! She's almost as big as Joey (the boy to the left of Ali in the red shirt)... and he's 19 months old!!! Yikes !

1 comment:

kimca01 said...

Sorry to tell ya sister but it only gets worse LOL Callie is a gong show for that too - she refuses to be held when we are somewhere and wants to get down/eat dirt/crawl around on the floor/grab at people... And if you don't let her down, she's a writhing, squirmy spazz - good times!

And don't worry, we got a big one too - think she is 27/28 lbs at just under a year!

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