Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2 new teeth and summer break!

Today is our LAST DAY of work until September 3rd!!! I am soooo looking forward to a long summer with my baby girl. She's actually coming to work with us today, as we only have to be there for about 3 hours, just to tie up some loose ends and do our official "check out" of school.

I can't help but be so thankful that I have job where I get to spend this time with my baby. I am so looking forward to watching her grow in the coming months- she's right at that perfect developmental moment- almost crawling/walking, and really coming into her own as an individual.

As I type this, I'm watching her play with her mini-kitchen (we call it her Ali-kitchen). I bought it for her at a garage sale last weekend- it is just her size- and came with plates,cups, hamburgers, bacon, etc. She loves the thing- especially when momma puts all the food in the sink and she can throw it out! She's also beginning to pull herself up onto it (and everything else) so we are excited baby has decided to go mobile! She's still not quite crawling yet- but she will get up on her hands and knees and sometimes go backwards, but mostly she'll transfer from on all fours back to sitting. But hey, progress is progress, right?

The downside to her development is she's cutting the top two teeth. Poor girl- yesterday they looked like two white blisters on the front of her gums- that has gotta hurt ! So I'm hoping those puppies break their way through in the near future, she keeps rubbing her nose and face and crying like they hurt so bad- ouch! I feel for ya kiddo!

What I love the most about our girl is, in the midst of all the pain from those teefers, she can still manage to give a sweet smile and have a good time!


Ann said...

when the kids were teething they gnawed on frozen waffles! it felt good on their gums and tasted good too! :) have a fun summer!!!!! we should all BBQ one time or something!!!

Gemini said...

Awwww! What an adorable picture, and I am TOTALLY jealous of your summer vaca! Wish I got to spend that time wtih blue eyes :(

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