Thursday, June 18, 2009

My jardin!

I am having a blast with this garden! I've always grown tomatoes and peppers in pots, and of course flowers and general landscaping, but this is my first year with an actual vegetable garden. It has been very relaxing to spend time working it- I actually look forward to weeding- it gives me a little productive "me" time. .... and UNBELIEVABLY it is producing veggies! I was sceptical of my abilities in planting veggies from seeds... but everything has come up- Italian green beans; squash; cucumbers; carrots; green onions; cilantro; tomatoes and peppers (with the exception of one row of carrots) and now I'm seeing actual "fruit" growing!
Here's a full view of my little plot-

This is a close up of my squash

Italian Green Beans and some Cucumbers

And if you look closely- two baby heirloom tomatoes!

and peppers!!!

We'll be eating fresh salsa in no time!


Lindsay said...

Oh Kelli, I am so happy for you. That is just awe-some! And yes I am jealous, there is nothing better than fresh produce! Nothing!And after you make that salsa, just send me a jar, okaythanks!

FROGGITY! said...

so jealous!!!!!! looks awesome!! mine died... :((((

Alexa said...

jealous!!! i can barely keep my flower plants alive in this insane heat. Oh how I can't wait to get to Ohio to taste some sweet corn. Your garden is awesome!

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