Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We've started our grand project for the summer: painting the main floor of our house!! We're painting the main walls a latte color- and adding a dark tan accent around the spot where our TV pops out- right above the fireplace. We're also going to do a sage accent in the kitchen - there's a wall that pops out where the pantry is. The hubs has already painted around the fireplace and two window insets next to it- and may I say it looks fantastic! I unfortunately did not take before pics.. but I will proudly post after pics once we have at least one finished room!

Let me just say... painting with a 10 month old is not as easy as painting wihtout one ;)=
Basically, KK paints, and I chase/keep Ali out of the way. Now, we are in HER space with this painting, since we mainly spend all our time in the living room... but she is having a serious problem with not being able to be right next to daddy, playing at his feet, while he is working! So it's been kinda stressful for me- I am a helper! So I want to help KK and not make him do everything- but I've come to the understanding that's impossible. And I'm not useless, because my job is to entertain our princess while her house is being renovated. Thankfully, today is much nicer than the 55 degree weather of yesterday- so we will be taking a walk to the park and visiting Gramma, who has the day off.


Lindsay said...

Ohhh, I cannot wait to see the finished product! I love your color choices. I have been oogling(is that a word?) over sage anything lately!

Gemini said...

OMG 55 degrees. SHUT UP! Can't wait until you come down here. And seriously... anxiously awaiting pics!! Sounds Gorg!!

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