Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To My Dogs

Dear Matty and Jack,

I just wanted to tell you guys how sorry I am that you do not get the lovin' that you used to before Ali came along. I also want to tell you that, even though I now spend more time with her than scratching you, I still love you so very much! I need to make it a point to spend more time giving you some much needed attention.
You guys are such good doggies, you just go with the flow- even when the "invader" pulls on your face and hair and gets into your space on a daily basis. It's so nice when she plays that you lay by her and give her your protection. Thank you for rolling with it, and accepting the new addition with grace and patience.
Also, just a warning for you guys: now that Ali is on her way to becoming mobile, she's probably going to be even MORE in your face and business, and probably ALL THE TIME. So just get ready for it.
And Jack, it's pretty embarrassing that you now have to wear a doggie diaper. Why do you think you should piddle on the floor? Ali's a part of the family, you don't have to mark your territory to let her know that it's your house.
Believe me, guys, she's taken over and EVERYTHING went from ours, to HERS.

All My Love,
Your Momma

1 comment:

FROGGITY! said...

lols! we made the switch from baby to doggy... it was hard on our pooch... but she learned to adapt... hee hee

love your new look!!! sorry i have been out of the loop...

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