Monday, June 15, 2009

What's new with us!

I cannot BELIEVE that my little bug is going to be 10 months old this Friday... it's amazing how fast her 1st year of life is flying by. I already notice her acting less like a baby, and more like a toddler. She is becoming so stinkin independent- especially since she has learned to crawl. She's also beginning to attempt to pull herself up onto everything- which is not soo much fun because that involves a lot of slipping and bumping of the noggin. She doesn't like that part too much!

All that I know is that I am totally in love with my daughter. And her little personality is fantastic. She is, however, displaying a bit of a stubborn, princess streak. She is now pretending to give me something (like her sippy cup, cheerios, or binkie), and the minute I reach for it, she will take it back. She also swats (not gently pushes) things out of her way when she does not want them. For example, her two front teeth are begrudgingly making their way into existence, and therefore I am doing everything I can think of to ease the pain for my girl. This is not an easy task. So everything I hand Ali, she swats out of my way, or hits me in the face with. Awesome. Here's hoping those teeth come in QUICK!

... and her new favorite book (one I recommend 100%) is called Peekaboo, Blueberry! It is such a cute book that is helping teach Ali where her eyes, nose, and toes are... plus it has a doorbell you have to ring on the very last page, which is apparently the best part. Here's some pictures of Ali's Daddy reading it to her (which, between the two of us, occurs about 1 bazillion times a day!):


Lindsay said...

Ohhhhhh, the last picture, her sweet little face. I wanna kiss it!!!
Averee loves Peek-a-boo books, too. Her favorite is peek-a-boo I love you, you have to get it. I don't even have to look to read it anymore, bc I have it memorized..haha.
Gosh, she's a doll.
Oh, and the swatting, yep sounds like somebody I know. I've read to ignore it. :)

Sweetbabs said...

Yeah those front teeth are the worst. I remember them taking a good week and a half two weeks to fully come in and they were the longest weeks of my life. The swatting thing um yeah that will be around for awhile and it does get worse.

She is getting so big two short months and she will be a year!!! That is amazing!

Gemini said...

Aww TOO cute!!! She is getting SO big! OMG remember when they just sat there and it was peaceful. FYI to you... Pacifiers (if she takes them) in the fridge do WONDERS for teeth! Mr Man loves them cold!

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