Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Break is Awesome!

My mom's been home on summer break for about 3 days now.... and we've been having some fun time together...

We get to eat breakfast later, and at a much more leisurely pace (yes, I'm still in my PJs)

I'm even pulling myself up on things now, to spice it up a bit!

I get to play all day in my favorite place- the shoe bin (and if you want an awesome bow like the one I've got in, - go visit my mom's bloggin buddy KIM

I also get to splash in my kiddie pool all day long

And get some rays- don't worry, plenty of sunscreen's been applied to this hott bod!

I bring myself to tears with the thought of it being all over! I hope this summer never ends!
... and guess what else? I STARTED CRAWLING TODAY!


Lindsay said...

Ahhh, I just love her!!! And her pool is too cute, is it completely covered on top?? If so I may need one just like it!

She's a doll! Oh fissssshhhhh, I loved it when Averee said that... fun fun fun!

Alexa said...

Yeah!!! A new milestone! It won't be long till she is running away and climbing on kitchen chairs!! :) I am glad you are enjoying your summer, you deserve it!

Life in the Unexpected Lane said...

Thanks so much for the comment! Your little girl is so cute! You guys started crawling we started rolling over its been a big week for everyone!!!

kimca01 said...

What a life, Miss A! LOL

I got all giddy when I read she was crawling, you would have thought it was my kid LOL

Yay for crawling, good job girlfriend! Pretty soon your mom won't know what hit her and she will also want to sell you LOL (Or is that just me being a terrible parent HA!)

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